Ruta con motos BMW en Barcelona


The local and municipal mobility restrictions that we have suffered for many months have fatally wounded motor tourism. The motorcycles have been idle for many months without a logical reason for it.

We do not underestimate the social problem represented by the pandemic we are experiencing, but the paradox is that motor-tourism is a safe activity, comparable to individual outdoor sports, which incorporates social distance and protection elements for each participant.

Obviously, traveling by motorcycle is a much safer activity than many others that are authorized, such as public transport or visiting a shopping center.

Despite being a tourist and leisure activity, the Administration erroneously perceives motor-tourism solely as a matter of displacement and mobility. This makes motorcycle tourism a collateral damage that does not provide any benefit to society either. That is, neither stationary motorcycles contribute to stopping the pandemic nor motorcycles in motion contribute to spreading it.

The forced stoppage of motor-tourism activity is affecting in the first place thousands of people who have their motorcycle stopped for no reason, and especially, the business fabric and specialized entities that work on different aspects of motorcycle travel, such as renting a motorcycle. motorcycles or the organization of motorcycle tours and events, among others.


Traveling by motorcycle is safe


It is a playful activity 100% comparable to outdoor sports activities, it always has a natural social distance and is practiced with individual protection equipment. Despite these characteristics that make it a safe activity, motorcycle tourism has been unnecessarily stopped for months due to the lack of knowledge of those who establish the restrictions. We do not ask for privileges. We urgently need the Administration to understand this activity so that a framework similar to that of many other activities is established and to be able to start the motorcycles again.

In the current situation, they are slowly killing us. The worst thing is that as the generalized mobility restrictions established is one of the measures that generates the least protests, the Administrations are becoming fond of them without the need for much justification. Something like “what is still does not bother”.

The world of motorcycle travel, in the broadest sense of the term, needs a minimum of empathy from the Public Administration so that it recognizes the specificities that our activity has, the value we contribute to society and that the current discrimination with respect to others ceases. activities that have had more visibility, have protested more or simply, have had more luck. The pertinent changes have to be made in the municipal, county or provincial mobility restrictions so that the operation of motor-tourism is possible again, with a regulation similar to that of individual outdoor sports activities.

We are not irresponsible: We are clear that safety comes first, and logically, from motorcycle tourism we will abide by the complementary operating measures that the Administration decides to guarantee the safety of our activity.

Safety comes first, but we cannot stand still any longer.




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