What is Navireg?

We like to go by motorcycle.
We like the routes.
We like challenges.
A route with a roadbook has the incentive to interpret it correctly in order to follow the route.
The challenge is to navigate an interesting route using a blind roadbook with some regularity sections, that is to say, that must be done at marked speed (a low speed, it is not a speed test).

How long is each Navireg? 

The objective is to share a good Sunday morning on a motorcycle, traveling between 175 and 225 kilometers.It may seem short, but with the encouragement of navigation and regularity, we guarantee that it will be an intense day with many stories to share at the end of the route.

What categories are there?

The idea is that everyone can do the Navireg that they want, adapting to the challenge.

That’s why there are three categories:

-Navigation, where the challenge is focused on correctly following the instructions of the roadbook without getting lost.

-Navireg, where there is the double challenge of navigation and regularity. In other words, in addition to not getting lost there are sections where you have to try to achieve the average speed indicated in each bullet of the roadbook.

– As a couple, Instead of using a portaroadbook, it is a matter of doing team work between the pilot and the passenger to navigate correctly. Fun is for everyone.

What is the challenge of following a blind roadbook on asphalt? 

Following a roadbook always has the incentive to interpret the instructions for translating them on the spot.But it happens that most roadbooks I know on asphalt routes do not imply too much merit not to get lost because they reproduce the signs and indications existing in traffic, in addition to following many main roads.

For this reason we work with the concept of blind roadbook: as it usually happens in the offroad routes that there are no signs or indications in the mountain, we have prepared some roadbooks in which there are only the directions, but do not include indications or toponymy. In addition, we have searched for areas where there are several alternatives or small asphalted roads so that it is not as easy as following main roads.

You are going to have fun following the blind roadbook, because you have to interpret and understand the terrain.

How does regularity work? 

Regularity, that is, the average closest to the marked speed must be recorded, never higher than the one set by legal limits and perfectly affordable for any motorcycle.



  • Use of roadbook
  • Navigation
  • Regularity
  • Sunday morning

In ROADBOOK we trust

Challenge NaviReg 2019

  • 4 routes per year
  • Limited places
  • Navigation and regularity classification
  • Comfortable format

    • Matinal approx. 175-225 km
    • Roads and asphalted roads
    • Challenge Navigation: do not get lost
    • Challenge Regularity: follow average speed
    • 3 Sections
    • Changing averages
    • It’s not a speed test

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