Recently, the urban mobility has been a theme that everyone living in a city worries about. New and old problems are intermingled with new personal vehicles of mobility, the shared vehicles or the need of lowering pollution. However, the Administración Pública seems to forget the relevant role that motorbike has in urban mobility, especially in the city like Barcelona. These days, it has launched very aggressive campaigns that stigmatize motorbike, when restrictive and meaningless policies have begun. It is time to remind them that motorbike is a part of solution in the urban mobility, and the manifestation has been by collective biker has been organized the next Sunday. December 2nd at 11:30am. The manifestation is organized by Agrupació Motera Catalanay el IMU, and we have supported almost 70 organizations related to motorbike, one of them was PauTravelMoto.

Motorbike is a part of the solution in the urban mobility:                         · Help efficient use of limited public space shared in cities.                       · Economic alternative of transportation.                                                       · Can make traffic smooth, which will be benefit for all of the transportations including public ones.                                                           · Ecological, if gas is used efficiently.                                                               · Save time mainly in routes without enough public transportation.

We are aware that there are challenges to improve, related to the presence of motorbike in cities:

-Improving the order in parking, making more places on the streets so that the they do not get on the sidewalks.                                                   -Improving the citizen coexistence with other alternative transportations and the safety of roads.                                                       -Reducing accidents, improving infrastructures and equipment.             -Reducing noises with good controles.

We firmly believe that motorbike improve the life in the city, and for all we demand Administración Pública to understand, to respect it and to treat it as an alternative useful mobility for the city.

December 2nd, for the defense of motorbike!

See you there