BMW R1250GS Adventure

Rent BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

It is BMW’s flagship among BMW maxi-trail bikes. A motorcycle that impresses standing still for its size and running for its agile behavior. A great bike in every way.

Rental daysPrice

1 day (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)

182€ / day

1 day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday)

202€ / day

2 or 3 days

172€ / day

4 to 6 days

144€ / day

7 to 13 days

125€ / day

More than 14 days

118€ / day

Weekend, from Friday 5pm to Monday 10am

344€ / weekend

Low season (November to February)
From 2 days of rental

Clientes satisfechos

The BMW R1250GS Adventure is a motorcycle that surprises from the start due to its size. But when you drive it, you adapt to it and feel that you would not stop traveling with it. Our clients love to travel long distances with this motorcycle.  

Innovación y tecnología

BMW has opted for innovation and technology for its GS range. On long trips it is as important to go as it is to return comfortably. The BMW R1250GS Adventure incorporates all the technology to make your motorcycle trip as comfortable as possible.


Alquilar moto BMW R1250 GS Adventure Barcelona

Aluminum cases included

At PauTravelMoto we rent motorcycles to travel. That is why we equip all our travel motorcycles with a complete trunk and suitcase kit, already included in the rental price without extra costs. You have enough space so that you do not have to worry about your luggage. You can carry everything.


Alquilar BMW R1250 GS Adventure Barcelona

Engine fenders and fairing

We like our clients to be calm. And for that reason, we include in the BMW boxer range fenders in their most vulnerable part, the two cylinders. With the fenders, damage is avoided in falls at a standstill or at low speed, which are the most frequent.


Pantalla moto BMW R1250 GS Adventure de alquiller

Height adjustable seat

Like the rest of the GS range, the R1250GS Adventure has an ingenious system to adjust your seat to two different heights, without tools. This helps driving comfort for taller people and facilitates accessibility for shorter people.


Alquilar BMW R1250 GS Adventure PauTravelMoto

A motorcycle to enjoy on all roads

It is a motorcycle created for big trips, and our clients make it travel in depth: from the North Cape to Morocco, passing through the Pyrenees, the Alps and Eastern Europe. Despite its size, it is a multipurpose motorcycle that can be enjoyed on all types of roads, from small towns with bad asphalt to motorways.



  • For Spanish customers, motorcycle driving license:
    - 'Motorcycle license ''A1'' or car licence ''B'' older than 3 years. (Without the need of a motorcycle license): Honda Monkey 125.
    - "A2" motorcycle driving license for the CRF250 and CRF300 range or the CB500X.
    - Motorcycle driving license ''A'' for the rest of the motorcycles.
  • For international customers, motorcycle driver cards that are valid for circulation in the EU.
  • DNI for Spanish customers and passport for clients from the rest of the world.
  • Experience in driving motorcycles.
  • Minimum age:
    - 21 years for the motorbikes until 500cc.
    - 23 years for the rest of the motorcycles for rent
  • Credit or debit card.


  • The rentals are counted for full days until 19 hours, which is the maximum return time of the motorcycle.
  • Depending on the availability, the delivery is facilitated the afternoon or the return the next morning.
  • You can travel with the motorcycle freely by the member countries of the European Union. Consult conditions for the rest of Europe and Morocco.
  • The reservations are confirmed with the receipt of the first payment.
  • Forms of payment; with credit / debit card, bank transfer or international money remittance agencies.

    All inclusive

  • All prices include 21% VAT.
  • The motorcycles have protective defenses and luggage systems prepared for long trips.
  • 300 kms per day are included in rentals of up to 6 days. After 7 days, the rental agreement includes unlimited mileage.
  • Motorcycles have full-risk insurance with a franchise, depending on the bike:
    - 800€ on the Honda Monkey, the Honda CRF250 and the CRF300 range.
    - 1.000€ in the Honda CB500 range.
    - 1.500€ in the BMW range, the rest of the Honda range and all the Yamaha range.

  • Roadside assistance 24 hours during the motorcycle rental.
  • We keep your luggage or motorcycle in our premises while traveling.

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