HONDA CMX500 Rebel

Rent the Honda CMX500 Rebel

A beautiful and affordable custom motorcycle

Honda has surprised everyone with the CMX500 Rebel. Taking advantage of the 500cc engine of the CB500 range, they have built a beautiful, original, short and suitable custom motorcycle to be driven with the A2 license. It is an affordable and easy motorcycle, suitable for any level of motorcycle experience.

Rental daysPrice

1 to 3 days

115€ / day

4 to 6 days

103€ / day

7 to 13 days

90€ / day

More than 14 days

80€ / day

Weekend, from Friday 6pm to Monday 10am

230€ / weekend

Low season (November to February)
From 2 days of rental

Japanese reliability

Honda are reliable motorcycles. This allows not to worry about mechanical issues and focus only on enjoying the motorcycle.


Medium displacement custom

Most custom motorbikes are big and heavy. Instead, the Honda CMX500 Rebel is a light and easy-to-ride motorcycle. Compared to other motorcycles of this style, one of its strengths is agility and ease of driving.

An original design

The Honda CMX500 Rebel is a beautiful motorcycle from any angle you look. It has a very successful custom aesthetic, which makes it the center of all eyes.

Suitable for city and road

It is a custom motorcycle that moves with ease and agility both in the city and on the road. The motorcycle allows you to easily make both urban and interurban routes.

A motorcycle with a low seat

The Honda CMX500 Rebel is a motorcycle with a low seat, allowing anyone to reach the ground with their feet. That is a plus of security that is appreciated by the clients, whatever their previous experience or height.

A motorcycle suitable for the A2 license

This motorcycle has the advantage of being designed from the beginning for the A2 license, unlike other motorcycles that are limited to be suitable. Therefore, it is a balanced motorcycle.


  • For Spanish customers, motorcycle driving license:
    - 'Motorcycle license ''A1'' or car licence ''B'' older than 3 years. (Without the need of a motorcycle license): Honda Monkey 125.
    - "A2" motorcycle driving license for the CRF250L, CRF250Rally, CB500X or the CMX500 Rebel.
    - Motorcycle driving license ''A'' for the rest of the motorcycles.
  • For international customers, motorcycle driver cards that are valid for circulation in the EU.
  • DNI for Spanish customers and passport for clients from the rest of the world.
  • Experience in driving motorcycles.
  • Minimum age:
    - 21 years for the motorbikes until 500cc.
    - 23 years for the rest of the motorcycles for rent
  • Credit or debit card.
  • Terms

  • The rentals are counted for full days until 19 hours, which is the maximum return time of the motorcycle.
  • Depending on the availability, the delivery is facilitated the afternoon or the return the next morning.
  • You can travel with the motorcycle freely by the member countries of the European Union. Consult conditions for the rest of Europe and Morocco.
  • The reservations are confirmed with the receipt of the first payment.
  • Forms of payment; with credit / debit card, bank transfer or international money remittance agencies.
  • All inclusive

  • All prices include 21% VAT.
  • The motorcycles have protective defenses and luggage systems prepared for long trips.
  • 300 kms per day are included in rentals of up to 6 days. After 7 days, the rental agreement includes unlimited mileage.
  • Motorcycles have full-risk insurance with a franchise, depending on the bike:
    - 800€ on the Honda Monkey and the Honda CRF250 range.
    - 1.00€ in the Honda CB500 range.
    - 1.500€ in the BMW range, the rest of the Honda range and all the Yamaha range.

  • Roadside assistance 24 hours during the motorcycle rental.
  • We keep your luggage or motorcycle in our premises while traveling.
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