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Rent the Honda Dax 125

Riding a legendary motorcycle from the 70s

A compact and small motorcycle. The Honda Dax 125 has a modern 125cc engine with automatic clutch capable of moving 2 people with agility. It is one of the most original and fun motorcycles on the market. The Honda Dax never leaves anyone indifferent.

Available in Barcelona

Consult the possibility of transport in other locations in long rentals.

Rental daysPrice

1 to 3 days

59€ / day

4 to 6 days

52€ / day

7 to 13 days

47€ / day

More than 14 days

39€ / day

Weekend, from Friday 5pm to Monday 10am

118€ / weekend

Abono mensual (-30 días)


An iconic bike has been revived

With the Honda Dax, a mythical motocycle from the 70s has been recovered. Although very few of them, almost none, were seen in Barcelona. But we used to see them in Andorra and the Canary Islands, which had the advantage of being able to import Japanese products, when we were still banned from importing them here. Some of us were lucky enough to have a Dax 70 to get around Tenerife, back in the 80s. An unforgettable experience.

An original motorbike. Different from all the others.

The new version has an authentic Dax look. It takes you back a few decades. The Dax has always been original and different from everything else. If you rent this bike, be prepared to be stopped on the street, asked questions, hear stories and have your picture taken.

Do you have the courage to be original?

Transalp 750 motorcycle on the road

A powerful 125 cc engine

The new Honda Dax is powered by a modern 125 cubic centimetre engine. It’s similar to the Monkey and Grom, enough to get two people around town with agility. It has an automatic clutch that allows you to change gears with ease.


TFT screen of the Honda Transalp 750 motorcycle

The Dax is a real urban motocycle

When you see it, you might think it’s a scooter without a bodywork. That’s a mistake. The Honda Dax is a real urban motocycle, with automatic clutch gearbox. The sensations it offers are very different from the typical start-stop feeling of a scooter.


Front photo of rental Honda Transalp 750

Fun and smiles

A Dax is more than a motocycle. It’s a way of life. Bubbly, refreshing, fun and daring. On the Dax it’s more appropriate to talk about smiles per minute than kilometres per hour. The Dax is a real head-turner. And after renting it, you will only want to rent it again. It’s a love affair and it hooks you in.


Front photo of rental Honda Transalp 750

Suitable to be driven with a car license, A2 or A1

Like other 125 motorcycles, the Honda Dax can be driven with a car license if you have had it for more than 3 years, or with a motorcycle license A1 and higher. Being a small motorcycle that has everything a motorcycle has, it is a fantastic school motorcycle to easily learn to ride a motorcycle with gears.


  • For Spanish clients:
    ID and driving license:
    -Motorcycle license "A1" or car license '' B '' older than three years (without the need for a motorcycle license): Urban range 125.
    -License to drive motorcycles "A2" for the Honda CRF, CB500 and urban range.
    -Motorcycle driving license "A" for the rest of the motorcycles for rent
  • For international clients:
    Passport and motorcycle driving licenses that are valid for driving in the EU.
  • Motorcycle driving experience
  • Minimum age:
    - 21 years for motorcycles up to 300 cc.
    - 23 years for the rest of the motorcycles for rent
  • Payment methods: credit or debit card, bank transfer or international money transfer agencies. We do not support American Express.
  • Reservations are confirmed with a first payment of 30% of the amount. The rest of the rent is paid upon collection of the motorcycle


  • Rentals are counted for full days until 7:00 p.m., the maximum time for the return of the motorcycle
  • Depending on availability, delivery the previous afternoon or return the next morning is facilitated
  • You can travel with the motorcycle freely through the member countries of the European Union. Consult conditions for the rest of Europe and Morocco
  • Cancellation or changes without penalty are allowed up to 15 days before the start of the rental. The cancellation or postponement communicated between 14 days in advance and 72 hours before the start of the rental entails expenses of 20% of the rental amount, and in case of communicating it with less than 72 hours, it entails expenses of 30% of the amount
  • Anti-rain guarantee: when it is not possible to shoot one day due to heavy or continuous rain, free rental days are offered as compensation. Our policy is to give our clients peace of mind, understanding and facilitating cancellation or postponement decisions as much as possible

    All inclusive

  • All prices include 21% VAT
  • The travel bikes have protective fenders, a phone holder, a USB charging socket and luggage systems. They are prepared for long trips
  • Mileage
    - Travel motorcycles include 300 km per day for rentals of up to 6 days and unlimited mileage for rentals of 7 days or more.
    - Off-road and urban motorcycles always include 200 km per day.
    - The additional kilometer has a cost of € 0.30 / kilometer on the CB500X, the X-ADV, the GS750 and the GS850, and it cost 0,40€ / kilometer on the Africa Twin, the NT, the GS1250 and the RT.
    - There are prepaid additional mileage packs with a 16% discount of 100km for 25€ (0.25€/km) on the CB500X, the X-ADV, the GS750 and the GS850, and 35€ (0,35€/km) on the Africa Twin, the NT, the GS1250 and the RT. .
  • Motorcycles have full-risk insurance with a franchise, depending on the motocycle:
    - €500 on the 125 urban motorcycle range.
    - €1.000 in the Honda CRF off-road ranges.
    - €1,000 in the Honda CB500 range (reducible to €500 with the OPTIONAL insurance of €10/day).
    - €1,200 for the rest of the Honda range (reducible to €600 with the OPTIONAL insurance of €10/day).
    - €1,500 for the rest of the BMW range.

  • Roadside assistance 24 hours during the motorcycle rental
  • We keep your luggage or motorcycle in our premises while traveling

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