Rent a 125 motorcycle with gears

We have 125cc motorcycles with gears, which can be driven with a B car driving license or with any motorcycle driving license with gears (A1, A2 or A). Although they are 125cc, they are real motorcycles much more capable than they appear at first glance.

There have been customers who have rented them for a long leisurely trip around Spain and even Europe. There are also many customers who have rented them to get used to the gears after years of riding automatic scooters to prepare for the A2 driving test, and these models are real “moto-schools”.

Other customers have rented us the original Monkey and the Dax for fun urban excursions “in style”. In short, they are easy to ride rental motorcycles within the reach of almost everyone and offer a lot of satisfaction for very little price.

Honda CB125F profile photo white background

Honda CB125 F

A real motorcycle with gears, economical and easy to ride. Suitable to be driven with any motorcycle license starting with the A1 license.

Honda Monkey 125 moto

Honda Monkey 125

An urban motorcycle, beautiful and agile for the city. Tribute to the legendary Honda Monkey, recreated in a modern version by Honda.

Rent the motocycle Dax125 in PauTravelMoto

Honda Dax 125

An original motocycle for agile movement in urban traffic. The Honda Dax was an icon in the 1970s and is back with a new 125 engine and two-person capacity.