We love motorcycles. We travel by motorcycle.

Pautravelmoto.barcelona has been founded by a group of friends passionate about motorcycles. In fact, we met many years ago thanks to motorcycles and we took the passion for motorcycles well inside.

Together, we add many kilometers. On many bikes. In many countries. With own bikes and also with motorcycles rented in several continents. As we are motoviajeros, we know what you need to make your motorcycle trip an unforgettable experience. We know what you like, because it is the same as we like it.

Passionate about motorcycles. In love with travel. Motorbike experts.

Pau Vidal

“My passion is to travel by motorcycle. I have been traveling by motorcycle for more than 25 years on 4 continents, and I still enjoy every kilometer on the bike. Now my dream is to help other travelers to fulfill their illusions of traveling by motorcycle. Creating pautravelmoto.com is making that dream come true with a nearby company that rents motorcycles to help to satisfy their emotions to motorbikes from all over the planet, helping them to make their trips come true with my experience “

Carles Bofarull

“I’ve always lived among motorcycles. After years of experience in the best motorcycle dealerships in Barcelona, it has been more than a decade since I started my own workshop, HRB. More than a workshop, in these years we have created an intense community of lovers of motorcycles around HRB in which all kinds of motorcycles and bikers can be accommodated. From urban scooters to motorcycle racing, to travel bikes or customized preparations. This is the ideal breeding ground so that in pautravelmoto.com we can always guarantee an optimal state of our motorcycles. “

Emilio Vicente

“It was at the end of my studies in Japan that my passion for motorcycles and my professional career came together. For more than 20 years I was in management positions in a Japanese multinational leader in the world of motorcycles, and I took advantage of those years to make numerous motorcycle trips. And since the bike is exciting, I’m still here. Participating in pautravelmoto.com means returning to join passion and dedication, helping other motorcycle riders to make their motorcycle trips come true. “

Carme Ortolà
“Travel is part of my DNA: way of being, way of seeing the world, of sharing, of laughing … my essence. Many trips in my life: long trips and short trips; trips with motorcycles of all kinds in Europe, Africa and America. The essence of the trip is not in the type of motorcycle you travel with, but in the way you immerse yourself in everything that surrounds you: people, landscapes, nature, colors, lived stories. And I would love to transmit this desire to live small / great motorcycle adventures. From here we can help you make your dream trips come true. “

An open company

We are a growing company. And our key activity is based on the rental of motorcycles. Although we bet on own funds and it is a significantly capitalized company, we do not have enough funds to buy all the bikes, so we have to resort partially to credit. In this link you have more information if you are interested in investing with us. En este enlace tienes más información si estás interesado en invertir con nosotros