Commitment and quality

Committed to making your motorcycle trip a success

We believe in the value of good quality of service, so we give importance to details.
We are fully committed to making your motorcycle trip from Barcelona a success.


11 Reasons to rent your travel motorbike at PauTravelMoto:

1 We only rent new bikes

We always have motorcycles of the current year and with less than 20,000 kilometers.  You are going to feel that you are the first person who uses each one, every time you rent from us. We do not leave motorcycles aged. Traveling on motorcycles with a few kilometers is a guarantee that your trip will run smoothly.

2 We never save on maintenance

We check the bikes in each rental and do not rush the consumables. Attention is paid to the details to ensure that a motorbike works perfectly. You will always find a clean and revised motorcycle when you rent your motorcycle with us.

3 Top quality travel equipment

We use Hepco & Becker aluminum suitcases, endurable and comfortable, with a total capacity of 110 L.

4 Engine and fairing fenders

We mount defenses to protect motor, fairing and tank for your peace of mind.

5 Unlimited mileage

From one week on, there is no distance limit on travel bikes.

6 We are motorcycle travelers

We are experienced motorcycle riders. That’s why we understand you and help you. We know the roads, the towns, the routes, the hotels and restaurants. We know that you are worth it and we can help you prepare your trip. We are committed to the success of your trip.

7 Barcelona is the best base for a motorcycle trip

It is well connected and with interesting routes to all European destinations.

8 All the services and accessories you need

They ask for what you need for your trip: helmets, GPS, cameras, tent, supports, etc.

9 Your trip matters to us

We get involved and enjoy your trip with you, supporting you in whatever you need. We know there are planes, links and logistics. Planning a trip is never easy. Explain the circumstances of your trip and we will try to personalize your rental to make it easier for you to prepare your trip.

10 Testimonials and references from real travelers

We build community. We put you in touch with other travelers to share.

11 Price adjusted

We work a long-term project that prioritizes the satisfaction and repetition of travelers. We strive to make the rental conditions clear and sensible. Make them easy to understand and help your satisfaction. For us it is important that you understand the conditions and that they are fair for both you and us.   Unfortunately, we can not commit to having good weather, but the climate of Barcelona means that we generally have a mild climate, making it ideal for riding a motorcycle. The experts explain it this way: “The climate in Barcelona is of the Mediterranean type. It is characterized by relatively mild and mild winters and dry summers. The most rainy seasons are the intermediate ones, autumn and spring. There are few days with extreme temperatures, cold or heat, so the maximum and minimum annual averages in Barcelona are moderate, typical of a mild Mediterranean climate “7   Barcelona is the best for the trip by motorbike.