We love motorcycles. We travel by motorcycle.

We are at your service to make your motorcycle trip a unique experience. We are passionate people of the bikes and the trips that we have traveled many kilometers in motorcycle by the planet.

We like to talk with our clients and understand their plans and needs in order to help them choose the best possible option.

Pau Vidal

“My passion is to travel by motorcycle. I have been traveling by motorcycle for more than 25 years on 4 continents, and I still enjoy every kilometer on the bike. Now my dream is to help other travelers to fulfill their illusions of traveling by motorcycle.

Creating is making that dream come true with a nearby company that rents motorcycles to help to satisfy their emotions to motorbikes from all over the planet, helping them to make their trips come true with my experience “


Paco Villanueva (Piteus)

“Many motorcycles and many kilometers on 4 continents have filled my hard drive with charming roads, unique places, countless friends and motorcycle experiences and now from Pautravelmoto I want to share with you ….. where do you want to go with our motorcycles? … I will help you to make your trip unique “


David Pradas

“In 2017, chance united my passion for two wheels with the love I felt for caring for motorcycles.

Without thinking too much, I became entangled in this dream of creating a motorcycle company.

We have been growing, we have more and more motorcycles, and we continue to enjoy each one equally, treating them as the only piece they are. We pamper them and give them all the love so that travelers who rent motorcycles can travel far and always enjoy impeccable motorcycles on their trips.”


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