We love motorcycles. We travel by motorcycle.

We are at your service to make your motorcycle trip a unique experience. We are people who are passionate about motorcycles and traveling, who have traveled many kilometers on a motorcycle around the planet. We like to dialogue with our clients and understand what their plans and needs are in order to help them choose the best possible option.

Pau Vidal

“My passion is to travel by motorcycle. I have been traveling by motorcycle for more than 25 years on 4 continents, and I still enjoy every kilometer on the bike. Now my dream is to help other travelers to fulfill their illusions of traveling by motorcycle.

Creating is making that dream come true with a nearby company that rents motorcycles to help to satisfy their emotions to motorbikes from all over the planet, helping them to make their trips come true with my experience “


Paco del equipo de PauTravelMoto

Paco Villanueva

“Many motorcycles and many kilometers on four continents have filled my hard drive with charming roads, unique places, and countless friends and experiences. Now from PauTravelMoto I want to share them with you. Where do you want to go with our motorcycles? I will help you to make your trip unique”


Albert BMW RT1200

Aleix Vilaseca

“For as long as I can remember, I have been on a motorcycle; The trial marked the beginning of my journey on two wheels. Exploring the world became another great passion, and now, what could be better than merging both in PauTravelMoto? It’s truly crazy to be able to meet clients every day who inspire me as much as I can inspire them. Although I have already traveled a large part of Europe and Vietnam by motorcycle, I still have many routes to explore. But hey, seeing clients fulfill their own dreams on two wheels every day, and being able to be part of their experiences, I love it!”




Ivan de PauTravelMoto

Ignasi Subirachs

“From necessity, to my passion and finally to my work. Traveling by motorcycle had always been something necessary to go to work, now it has become one of my main hobbies. Joining PauTravelMoto as operations manager is allowing me to delve deeper, learn and enjoy motorcycles and the people who are passionate about this incredible world every day. I love being part of this great team with which, without a doubt, I am going to have a good time.”

David Pradas

“After a while away from this world, I am returning to it. I was collaborating with Pautravelmoto, almost from the beginning. I have seen the fleet and the business grow from when the offices were in a co-working and the motorcycles in parking, to the C/Diputació location. On the occasion of the new location and due to proximity, I am collaborating again with Pau and his project!!

Alfons Sánchez

Motorcycles, trips… who came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, that’s it, a lifetime linked to two wheels and collecting stamps in the passport. More than thirty years as a journalist testing and writing about motorcycles and their universe and many others riding around the world. I still have the rope to get to know the other medium and to continue learning about motorcycles, now from Pautravelmoto meeting other road lovers. We will surely meet on the road.

Paco del equipo de PauTravelMoto

Rafa Espigado

«I have always been a motorcycle traveler: I have been traveling by motorcycle for a lifetime. I currently have a Moto Guzzi V85TT, a motorcycle with its own personality that makes me enjoy every kilometer I ride with it. I love motorcycles, traveling and curiously, I am a winter biker who enjoys the cold on a motorcycle. After a long commercial career in other sectors, at PauTravelMoto I have turned my passion for motorcycle travel into my daily work, surrounded by motorcycles and motorcycle traveling clients. My job is to help these motorcycling clients make their trips with our rental motorcycles a success: we transform their dreams into real experiences.»
Ivan de PauTravelMoto

Armand López – Munté

“Since I was little I’ve been a big fan of motorcycling and adventure. Traveling in my motorcycle is the union of my passions and that’s what makes me very happy. Luckily I’ve been able to visit different places in Europe on my motorcycles, but this has only just begun. I hope to be able to visit incredible places and discover all the wonderfull things you can discover riding your bike. Where will be my next adventure?

Albert BMW RT1200

Belén García

“Motorcycles have always been in my life, it is one of my passions, since I was very young I already had a motorcycle. I have traveled all over Europe, although always as a co-pilot, but I am the happiest in the world traveling by motorcycle in any way.

The best of all is being able to combine administrative work with one of your passions, it is the perfect combination that is why I love being part of the PauTravelMoto team, I invite you to come and be infected by our passion.”


Albert BMW RT1200

Albert Ferrera

”Since I was little, the world of motorcycling has attracted me a lot and motorcycles have been very present throughout my life. After several years working in the official BMW dealer, I have opened my own workshop ‘’The Craftsman’’ with which I share a location with Pautravelmoto.”