We love motorcycles. We travel by motorcycle.

We are at your service to make your motorcycle trip a unique experience. We are people who are passionate about motorcycles and traveling, who have traveled many kilometers on a motorcycle around the planet. We like to dialogue with our clients and understand what their plans and needs are in order to help them choose the best possible option.

Pau Vidal

“My passion is to travel by motorcycle. I have been traveling by motorcycle for more than 25 years on 4 continents, and I still enjoy every kilometer on the bike. Now my dream is to help other travelers to fulfill their illusions of traveling by motorcycle.

Creating is making that dream come true with a nearby company that rents motorcycles to help to satisfy their emotions to motorbikes from all over the planet, helping them to make their trips come true with my experience “


Bea del aquipo de PauTravel

Beatriz Sánchez

“The motorcycles in my life have only been present in the conversations that my friends had until I became part of the PauTravelMoto team. Nowadays, motorcycles have become my day-to-day routine, and the they are now an infinite source of learning. I feel very happy about it. At PauTravelMoto I am responsible for the Marketing and communication area, where we have the exciting challenge ahead of launching the projects and ideas that accompany us every day in order to achieve a joint growth of the company and the team”.

Maria Romero NT1100

María Romero

“My parents wouldn’t let me go on motorcycle so one day I showed up at home with my loved Yamaha MT-07. I am passionate about sports, an inveterate traveler and the motorcycle is a key element in my intense way of living. I have many trips left and continents to travel by motorcycle. At PauTravelMoto I am participating in the area of Digital Marketing and Communication. Every day, I learn things while helping the company growing: I think I could not find a better place to enhance my skills and work, day by day, to achieve the travel dreams of our moto-traveler customers. “



Paco del equipo de PauTravelMoto

Paco Villanueva

“Many motorcycles and many kilometers on four continents have filled my hard drive with charming roads, unique places, and countless friends and experiences. Now from PauTravelMoto I want to share them with you. Where do you want to go with our motorcycles? I will help you to make your trip unique”


Ivan de PauTravelMoto

Iván Parada

“All my life I have been passionate about the world of motoring and although the motorcycle was a late discovery for me, now I cannot live without it.

Most of my professional career has been spent behind a bar, from which I have listened to countless anecdotes and stories that inspired me to visit new places and return to those I already knew. Now I will continue doing it at PauTravelMoto, where I personally attend to our clients and enjoy each of their travel experience”

Albert BMW RT1200

Albert Ferrera

”Since I was little, the world of motorcycling has attracted me a lot and motorcycles have been very present throughout my life. After several years working in the official BMW dealer, I have opened my own workshop ‘’The Craftsman’’ with which I share a location with Pautravelmoto.”