Annual Bonuses

Cheapest frequent rentals

  • The annual bonuses are good products for the clients who rent several times a year. The best way to enjoy new bikes and in perfect condition every time.
  • In a simple and direct way, it offers you the possibility of lowering substantially the rental cost up to 30% on the individual rental rate.
  • Usable in a couple of days as you want, from 2 days for each use.
  • Available in any time of the year.
  • Protected from expiration: extension if you still have pending days of use 1 year after the purchase of the bonuses.
  • Booking and contracting process more agile and faster.
  • Special attention in flexibility of time in picking up and returning of motorcycles.
  • Excessive mileage is compensable between rentals.


  • Once the annual subscription has been issued, each use must be redeemed on our website, using the reservation form, indicating the subscription number in the comments.
  • The availability of the motorcycle is conditional on how far in advance the reservation is made. In general, there is no special difficulty in enjoying the chosen motorcycle on the desired dates.
  • The requirements for the subscription are the same as those that apply to motorcycle rentals: driving license, insurance, security deposits, km, etc.
  • The subscription is valid for one year from its date of issue.
  • If there are days left to be used at the end of the period, an extension will be granted to avoid the loss of rental days to subscribers.
  • This offer cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.
Honda CB500X and NT1100 sunset in the Pyrenees