Rent an off-road motorcycle

We love off-road trips and adventures. We have some options for you to make your adventures outside the asphalt a reality, both with light motorcycles and with maxitrail.

Honda CRF250L

It is a light trail bike, suitable for the A2 license, similar in appearance to an enduro motorcycle, which allows all kinds of excursions on roads, cities or unpaved tracks.

Alquila una moto CRF 300 en Barcelona o Madrid

Honda CRF300L

It is the renewal of the mythical Honda CRF250L, which has received a new engine with more displacement adapted to the Euro5 regulations. It maintains the appearance of enduro, is suitable for the A2 license and allows all kinds of off-road excursions.

honda crf 250 rally

Honda CRF250 Rally Pro

It is a special preparation we did to participate in the Intercontinental Rally 2020 until Dakar. It features substantial improvements over the CRF250 Rally like Ohlins suspensions.

Honda Africa Twin 1000

Our favourite motorcycle. It is a versatile bike capable of excursions outside the asphalt. Our bikes are equipped with 80/20 mixed tires with more asphalt orientation, although they can be ordered with stud wheels.

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