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We love off-road travel and motorcycle adventures. That’s why we are the only touring motorcycle rental company in Spain with a fleet of motorcycles for off-road and off-road use. Our hobby led us to discover Honda’s versatile range of CRF light trail bikes. These bikes are much easier to ride than traditional enduro bikes designed for racing. It’s surprising how the Honda CRF300s go almost anywhere, regardless of the rider’s level of experience. Their simplicity makes them suitable for off-road trips such as a Transpirenaica or excursions on dirt tracks, without the fragility and riding demands of bikes designed for competition, “the hardest yet” and trialeras.

Pau Vidal, founder of PauTravelMoto, along with David Pradas and Joan Lario, signed up in 2020 for the Intercontinental Rallye to Dakar, managing to take the three Honda CRFs to the shores of Lac Rose to the surprise of other participants. The CRFs are often rented by clients who own heavy and expensive maxi-trail bikes for their excursions in the brown “riding these bikes is the difference between suffering and enjoying”. CRFs are also often rented by groups of friends who complete their mountain outings with a good fork breakfast.

We were thrilled by two older customers who came to pick up the bikes on a pair of big BMW RT1250s and returned with undisguisable happy faces “we remembered when fifty years ago we both rode out on a pair of Bultaco Lobito”. In addition, these bikes can be ridden with the A2 motorcycle license.

Alquila una moto CRF 300 en Barcelona o Madrid

Honda CRF300L

It is the renewal of the mythical Honda CRF250L, which has received a new engine with more displacement adapted to the Euro5 regulations. It maintains the appearance of enduro, is suitable for the A2 license and allows all kinds of off-road excursions.

Alquila una moto CRF 300 en Barcelona o Madrid

Honda CRF300 Rally

Our clients rent motorcycles from us for long-distance off-road trips, such as the Trans-Pyrenees. To facilitate off-road adventures, we always liked the Honda CRF300 Rally, with improvements over the standard CRF300L model.

Alquila una moto CRF 300 en Barcelona o Madrid

Honda CRF300L Long Range

It’s a motocycle ready for off-road travel. An exclusive model equipped with an extra Acerbis tank and YSS shock absorbers, ready to cover long distances and to push the limits of adventure.

Alquilar motos offroad Barcelona

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