Rent a motorcycle in Barcelona to travel

Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world to start a motorcycle trip. On one hand, it is an attractive city to visit the days before and after the trip. On the other, it is in a central position on the map to travel to the main European motorcycle destinations.

Barcelona loves motorcycles

The city is lived by motorcycle. In Barcelona you can see all kind of people on motorcycles, from young to old, from executives to housewives. There is no better place to rent a motorcycle.


Barcelona is well connected by plane and ferry

The international airport of Barcelona is connected to the most important cities in the world. It has frequent flights to the main destinations of the planet and is one of the essential bases where passengers arrived from the sea cruises.


Motorcycles are used year-round in Barcelona

The city has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and summers. It is always nice to travel by motorcycle, so people use it throughout the year.

A city with many tourist attractions

When planning a motorcycle trip, it is not the only one that counts. Barcelona is a city with many tourist and commercial attractions that are worth visiting in the days before and after the trip.


Pyrenees, Alps, Mediterranean Tour, Spain, Portugal, Morocco…

Barcelona is in a central position on the map of Europe, from which it is easily accessible by attractive roads and reasonable distances to the main motorcycle travel destinations in Europe. You can choose where to go, with a variety of attractions that allows you to travel by motorcycle without repeating destinations for several years.

PauTravelMoto is in the center of Barcelona

Our local is in Eixample, the central commercial district of Barcelona. It can be easily reached on foot from the main hotel areas of the city. There are numerous metro and bus lines a few meters from the building. In addition, we are very close to the central train station of Barcelona, ​​and a few meters from the airport bus stop.

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