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Do you like motorbikes? Then imagine the possibility of your savings also riding a motorbike.

PauTravelMoto is a small company focused on motorbike travel, especially the rental of motorbikes ready to travel and the organisation of motorbike trips. It was our passion for motorbikes that led us to set up this company, and that’s why we do things in an original way, with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm so that everything turns out well. We have also been creative in the way we finance ourselves: on the one hand, the company is well capitalised and has partners who are committed to the company’s mission; on the other hand, we have a supportive financial community that has been building up since the company started. 

Four years ago we realised that the bank was charging 6-7% for financing between interest, commissions, insurance…; while it was only paying 1%, to the more fortunate ones. It seemed to us that things could be done differently, so we launched our own programme of loans secured by the motorbikes for private individuals, offering an annual remuneration of 4%. That way we all win, except the bank.

Simple, isn’t it? The truth is that the programme has been successful from the start, and this has allowed us to build a business independent of bank financing.


Motorcycle-secured loans explained in 1 minute


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In June 2017 we launched the secured lending programme with motorbikes. It was a pleasant surprise to see that some people who did not know us previously, trusted and bet on our company.

Year after year they have been a success, allowing us to cover our financial needs for growth, while at the same time creating a community of people linked to PauTravelMoto.

Now we are launching the 2021 edition to finance some of the new motorbikes that we are going to incorporate to our fleet, which this year will basically be the BMW 1250GS with which we are completing our fleet of travel motorbikes.

We are now a company with a track record, a benchmark in the motorbike travel sector, with renovated premises in the centre of Barcelona and with partners committed to our future through strong capitalisation.


Features of the Secured Loan Scheme 


Motorbikes purchase. The amount is used exclusively for the purchase of motorbikes. The total cost of each motorbike is made up of three factors: purchase of the motorbike, additional travel equipment and associated taxes. The cost of the motorbikes varies, ranging from €6,000 for a Honda CRF300L to as much as €25,000 for a BMW R1250RT, so each loan can be backed by one or more motorbikes up to the required guarantee value.

Amount. In order to diversify the risk and guarantee early repayments, we have limited the amount of loans. We do not want to be dependent on the bank, but neither do we want to be dependent on an individual; the system is based on a financial community, which currently consists of a dozen people. The amount of each loan can range from €10,000 to €60,000.

Remuneration. The programme has an attractive remuneration so that the agreement is beneficial for both parties. An interest rate is offered that is halfway between the current bank remuneration for savings, which ranges between 0.5% and 1%, and the cost of bank credit for PauTravelMoto, between 6% and 7%. We currently pay 4% per year. The interest is paid at the end of each quarter, at the same time as the corresponding withholding tax is paid to the tax authorities.


Additional benefits 


Although the remuneration is the main reason for participating in the programme, There are other additional advantages that may be interesting in some cases, such as the discount on frequent motorcycle rental or simply due to an emotional issue of participating in the development of the company:

Discount on motorbike rental. Permanent saving of 30% on the public rate, in the rental of the financed motorbike or equivalent model. Not combinable with other promotions.

No blocking deposit on rentals. It is not necessary to block the credit card when renting a motorbike, as the loan itself acts as a guarantee.

Preference in the purchase of used motorbikes. As a related group, they are given preference for the purchase of used motorbikes in the renewal of the fleet.
Baptism of the motorbikes. Our motorbikes are christened and the lenders, if they wish, can also christen one of our motorbikes.

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An insured investment: 8 guarantees for your peace of mind 


Guarantee 1: The motorbikes
The money is guaranteed by our motorbikes. Motorbikes are liquid assets, which retain their value well and for which there is an active second-hand market.

Guarantee 2: Exclusive use of the money on the motorbikes
It is used exclusively for the purchase of the motorbikes. The operation of the business is financed with the capital of the partners and the current income from the rental of the motorbikes.

Guarantee 3: Liquidity
From day one, there is the possibility of unwinding the loans at any time, with one month’s notice. In extreme cases, there is always the possibility to sell the guarantee motorbike.

Guarantee 4: A capitalised company
PauTravelMoto has a paid-up capital of € 140,000. Thanks to this, the liabilities of the balance sheet are balanced, and the commitment of the partners to the future of the company is shown.

Guarantee 5: Formalisation and registration
The formalisation of the loan is advised by Jordi Rodés, head of Ides Suport. The loan is registered with the Agència Tributària de Catalunya (ATC), an organism of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Guarantee 6: Adequate insurance
The motorbikes have adequate insurance for the use of the motorbikes for hire. This insurance is different from that for private use, which is considerably more expensive in order to cover the liabilities arising from the activity.

Guarantee 7: Business transparency
Transparency is a key value in the management of PauTravelMoto. Periodic information is provided to lenders on the operation of the company along with the payment of interest.

Guarantee 8: Real references
We facilitate contact with current borrowers, who are available to interested parties to share their experience, resolve doubts or comment openly on any subject.

Mostrar un ejemplo de contrato de prestamo

Simple and easy: 4 Steps to participate 


Step 1: Provide ownership data and amount
Provide complete personal or corporate data to be used for the ownership of the guaranteed loan, attaching a copy of the DNI or CIF.
Specify the amount of the loan, in order to be able to assign the guarantee motorbikes to the loan.

Step 2: Deposit the money
The deposit of the loan is made directly to the current account of PauTravelMoto, indicating in the concept “Loan + the name of the lender”.

Step 3: Sign the contract
Once the transfer has been received, the loan contract is prepared for personal signature. It can also be signed by courier when the borrower resides in another city.

Step 4: Register with the Generalitat
The signed loan contract is registered with the Agència Tributària de Catalunya (ATC). The registered copy is sent to the borrower within a few days.


More information on how to invest your money in motorbikes 


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