Gift Voucher

Give an experience

PauTravelMoto wants your experiences to be unique, that is why we have created Gift Vouchers, so that now you can give this experience as an ideal surprise for your friends or partner.

  • Usable at any time of the year.
  • Do not worry about expiration, the validity of one year is extendable if it could not be enjoyed.
  • We prepare a personalized voucher in Pdf so you can print it.


  • The voucher has an initial validity of one year from the date of purchase. If you have not enjoyed it during that period, you should contact us to replace it with another valid voucher for an additional year.
  • The issuance of the personalized voucher in Pdf is made once the payment has been confirmed. · To enjoy the voucher, this has to be exchanged on our website using the reservation form and indicating the voucher number in the comments.
  • The availability of the motorbike is conditioned to the advance with which the reservation is made. In general, there is no special difficulty to enjoy the chosen motorbike on the desired dates.
  • The fleet of rental motorbike can vary over time. If any model is changed, the equivalent model available will always be indicated.
  • The requirements for the rental of the motorbikes (driver’s license, insurance, bond, km ..) are governed by the general rental conditions that are explained on this website.
Travelling around Europe on Honda CB1100EX