Rent a Honda with the 1100 engine

We have always liked the Honda Africa Twin. It was our first bet when we created the company, and it has always been present in our rental fleet.

The latest version has a delicious 1100 twin-cylinder engine, smooth and powerful at the same time. It’s practically squaring the circle. Honda has done a great job to have plenty of torque from low revs, so there is always a great throttle response throughout the rev range. It has enough power to enjoy strong and confident motorcycle riding.

This versatile engine has given rise to a family of motorcycles that we have for rent for all customers to find the style bike they want for their trip: the comfortable Honda NT1100 tourist, the beautiful custom Honda Rebel 1100T or the adventurous Honda Africa Twin in any of its versions. In addition, both the Africa Twin and the NT are available with the option of Honda’s exclusive DCT automatic transmission.

honda africa twin 1000

Honda Africa Twin 1100

A versatile, powerful, safe and reliable motorcycle that emphasizes its off-road capabilities. Suitable for enjoying all types of terrain, both on road and highway trips and outside of them.

honda africa twin adventure sports prueba

Honda Africa Twin Adventure 1100

It emphasizes even more the route capabilities of its predecessor. It offers great autonomy between refueling, has improved suspensions while incorporating tubeless tires.

Honda NT1100 at PauTravelMoto

Honda NT 1100

The new road Africa Twin. Equipped with the same engine and chassis as the Africa Twin, but with more ergonomics and equipment suitable for long trips on asphalt.

Rent the Honda Rebel CMX1100T in Barcelona

Honda Rebel 1100 T

It’s the ideal motocycle to treat yourself. A high-displacement custom motocycle perfect for travelling with style. An elegant motocycle in its new touring version with front fairing and panniers.

Honda 1100 family comparison: heart of Africa Twin

With the addition of the new Honda Rebel 1100, in PauTravelMoto we already have for rent three different motorcycles that share the same engine. In this video we compare them and explain the personality of each bike: Africa Twin, NT and Rebel.