Why Barcelona is the best starting point for your motorcycle trip?
Thanks to its privileged geographical location, very close to the Pyrenees and France, it is a fantastic starting point for trips through the Pyrenees, the Alps and throughout Europe in general. Logically, it is also the ideal starting point for routes along the Mediterranean coast as well as for exploration the incredible diversity of Spain.

In addition Barcelona is a tourist city, which is very well-connected internationally and easy to get to from any part of the world. It is an ideal destination both for the last preparations before the trip and to rest for a few days after returning from the motorcycle route.

Why is the minimum rental period for motorcycles from weekend?
Our motorcycle is designed and prepared for travel. Technically, they can also be used to discover Barcelona at the beginning and the end of the trip, but they are not motorcycles designed only for urban rental. Therefore, it does not make sense if you rent only a single day.
If what you are looking for is an urban motorbike to discover Barcelona, you can find a wide range of rental agencies for scooters and urban motorcycles in this city.
How does the credit hold on the credit card work?
It is a normal procedure in the rental of vehicles.

When you get a motorcycle, we keep the stipulated amount on your credit card. This amount does not mean any payment, but please keep in mind because the availability of your credit card will be limited.

Upon the return of the motorcycle, the amount is unblocked at the moment if there is no damage on the motorcycle. In case of any damage, it will be assessed in accordance with the criteria explained at the time of rental, and we have to charge from the kept amount on your credit card.

Are there alternative payment methods to the credit card?
In general, payment by credit card is the most convenient way requested by customers to rent vehicles, and the credit card is necessary to keep the guarantee during the rental of a motorcycle.

However, you can also pay the amount of the previous reservations with the bank transfer, taking into account that the last payment must be made sufficiently in advance to be able to verify the receipt of the bank transfer before the picking up the motorcycle. The verification is considered to take usually about 3 days.
Soon we will also activate the possibility of payment of motorcycle reservations with Paypal.

What is the recommended daily mileage to enjoy a motorcycle trip?
It is a common controversial issue among motorcycle travelers. The main issue is to define a mileage that enables us to enjoy the trip.

The normal mileage to enjoy a motorcycle day on interesting roads is usually between 250 and 350 kilometers. Without any rigid rule, it is what allows you to enjoy and know the places you pass through.

Sometimes, on trips with a faraway destination such as North Cape, Istanbul or St. Petersburg, the daily mileage can be up to 400-500 km, depending on the days available.

Technically, in any case, stages can be completed punctually with higher mileage, up to 800 or 1000 kilometers per day, but that is only by necessity and you cannot enjoy the beating on motorbikes so much.

What is the minimum personal equipment to travel by motorcycle?
In law you are required only to wear helmet in any situation, but it is common sense that you wear a minimum of adequate equipment such as a jacket, gloves, pants and boots to minimize damage in any accident, even if not indicated in law.

Our recommendation is always to use appropriate equipment to travel by motorcycle, but when it comes to the rental of long distance from home, sometimes it is considered garments are not specifically designed for motorcycle use, but at least they work as a minimum protection.

The basic equipment is a jacket that protects you from cold and abrasions, sports gloves and high-top shoes.

Why do you ask about the traveling experience on a motorcycle when making the reservation?
Motorcycles are a product with a certain degree of risk and requires an enough experience to treat them safely. Motorcycles prepared for travel are usually large ones that have suitcases and additional weight, thus previous experience is required to handle them safely. On a trip you face various situations, and experience is necessary to drive under rain, on narrow roads, in case of gusts or on a trip with high temperatures.

And in addition to the safety of the people who rent the bikes, we love our bikes, and we would like the people who rent them to know how to treat them and to cherish them as we have done.
For us it is important to know the biker experience of those who are interested in renting our bikes. An easy way to show the motorcycle experience is sharing personal social networks at the time of booking.

Why is it not allowed to use motorcycles outside of paved roads?
Roadside insurance does not cover incidents outside paved roads, so in case of an off-road incident there would not be any possibility of receiving assistance. In addition, the insurance does not cover either the damages generated in incidents outside the paved public roads in any case.

For this reason, in individual rental of the motorcycles for trip, it is not allowed to drive outside of paved roads.

The only possibility of driving on off-road is when you participate in organized activities where the organizer takes a responsibility for the event, and always specifying the corresponding agreements in the rental contract.

In which case can we travel with the motorcycles rented to Morocco?
It is only allowed to travel with our bikes to Morocco when you take part in organized tour where the organizer takes a responsibility for the event, and always specifying the corresponding agreements in the rental contract.

The tours do not have to be the ones organized by PauTravelMoto, but it is necessary that there is an organizer with whom you can talk in order to know the type of expected trip and the follow-up.

In the case of trips to Morocco with motorcycles you can request a complementary deposit.

To which countries can you travel with the rented motorcycle?
With the standard rental of our bikes you can go freely around Europe. Motorcycle rentals can be made individually, by groups of friends or on organized trips.

We offer you our decades of experiences of traveling by motorcycle to advise you for free about motorcycle trips in Europe, … or beyond!

Is it necessary to explain the travel plan before the rental?
It is not necessary to have a sophisticated travel plan to rent the motorcycles, but we appreciate that the clients explain to us what trips they have thought of, and it is always advisable to listen to opinions and vivid experiences in those destinations you are going. Our experience is wide and we can always advise you, recommend routes and interesting points in the motorcycle trip you are about to do.
Can we pick up a motorcycle in a place other than Barcelona?
Sí sería posible, tenemos acuerdos para transportar la moto desde diferentes puntos de España.

Consúltanos los lugares y tarifas disponibles.

What should be done in case of accident?
On each rented motorcycle, on the same day that the motorcycle is picked up, the motorcycle’s documentation is given to the customer.

The insurance document that includes telephone number is included there so that you can call in case of accident, which is available 24 hours a day.

Do I need the international license to drive in Spain?
In the following article you can check the kind of required license and the conditions to drive in Spain if you are from abroad.


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