Why Barcelona is the best starting point for your motorcycle trip?
Due to its privileged geographical location, very close to the Pyrenees and France, it is a fantastic starting point for trips through the Pyrenees, the Alps and Europe in general. Logically, it is also the ideal starting point for routes along the Mediterranean coast as well as for exploring the incredible diversity of Spain.

Barcelona is also a very well-connected international tourist city that is easy to reach from anywhere in the world. It is an ideal destination both for the last preparations before the trip and to rest for a few days after returning from the motorbike tour.

How does credit card credit hold work?
This is a common procedure in vehicle rental.

When the motorbike is handed over to the customer, the amount stipulated as a guarantee is blocked on the credit card. The blocking does not imply any payment, but it must be taken into account because it limits the credit available on the credit card used.

When the motorbike is returned, the amount is released immediately if there is no damage to the motorbike. In case of any damage, the damage will be assessed according to the criteria explained at the time of rental, deducting that amount from the blocked amount.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Motorcycle rental can be paid in several ways:

-Bank transfer to the PauTravelMoto current account number, both for the first payment of 30%, and for the payment at the time of collection, if it is made 3 days in advance.

-Bank credit and debit cards. You can pay by bank card both from the bank gateway in our
web page, as in our premises with the POS terminal. In addition, the bank credit or debit card is necessary for blocking the franchise during the rental of the motorcycle. It is important to make sure with the bank that the limits of daily operations and the amount are sufficient for payments and the deposit. The cards accepted for payment are both VISA and MASTERCARD (MAESTRO).

-Cash, on the premises itself.


What is the recommended daily mileage to enjoy a motorcycle trip?
This is a common controversial topic among motorbike travellers. The main issue is to define a mileage that allows us to enjoy the trip.

The usual range for a day’s riding on interesting roads is between 250 and 350 kilometres. Without being a rigid rule, this is a figure that allows you to enjoy and get to know the places you pass through.

Sometimes, on trips with a far-flung final destination such as North Cape, Istanbul or St. Petersburg, the daily mileage can increase to 400-500 km, depending on the days available.

Of course, in any case, it is possible to do occasional liaison stages with higher mileage, up to 800 or 1000 km per day, but this type of stage is only done out of necessity and the riding is not very enjoyable.

What is the minimum personal equipment to travel by motorcycle?
The law only requires helmets to be worn in all circumstances.

But common sense dictates that you should go beyond the legal minimums and a minimum of suitable equipment of jacket, gloves, trousers and boots are essential to minimise damage in any accident.

Our recommendation is to always use appropriate equipment for motorbike travel, but for hire away from home it is sometimes possible to consider clothing that is not specifically designed for motorbike use, but which fulfils the minimum protective functions.

The basic equipment is a jacket that protects against cold and abrasions, sports gloves and high top shoes.

Why do you ask about the motorbike experience when booking?
Motorbikes are a product with a certain degree of risk that requires an experience curve to master safely. Motorbikes prepared for touring are usually large motorbikes with panniers and additional weight that require prior experience to handle safely. On a trip, a variety of circumstances are encountered, and experience is necessary for riding in the rain, on narrow roads, in strong wind gusts or on a trip in high temperatures.

In addition to the safety of the people renting the motorbikes, we love our motorbikes, and we appreciate that the people renting them know how to take care of them and love them as much as we do.

For us it is important to know the biker experience of those who are interested in renting our motorbikes. An easy way to show your motorbike experience is by sharing your personal social media accounts at the time of booking.

On which motorbikes is off-road use permitted?
The use for off-road excursions is allowed on the motorbikes included in the section “Off-road motorbikes for rent” on the website. These models are more suitable and prepared for off road use.

The rest of the rental models are not allowed to be used off-road, beyond a link section that a car can do, for example, in the case that it is necessary to enter a farm or similar.

It should be borne in mind that roadside assistance insurance often does not cover off-road assistance, so it may be necessary to reach the road by your own means. (In any case, it depends on the area and the “crane driver” attending the area in question).

Is it possible to travel with rented motorbikes to Morocco?
We are allowed to travel to Morocco with our rental motorbikes with a pre-trip permit:

-For free trips, clients with whom we already have a pre-trip acquaintance are allowed to go to Morocco.

-For organised trips, it is permitted to participate in tours in which the organiser assumes responsibility for the event and with a defined route.

On trips to Morocco there is an additional charge for the preparation of documentation, insurance and special cleaning after the trip. In addition, a supplementary deposit may be required.

To which countries can you travel with the rented motorcycle?
With the standard rental of our motorbikes you can ride freely in Europe. Motorbike rentals can be done individually, in groups of friends or on organised trips.

We offer you our decades of experience in motorbike travel to advise you free of charge on motorbike trips in Europe,… and beyond!

Is it necessary to explain the travel plan before the rental?
You don’t need to have a fixed travel plan to rent a motorbike. But we do appreciate it when our customers tell us what trips they have in mind, and it is always advisable to listen to opinions and experiences in the destinations you are going to. Our experience is extensive and we can always advise you, recommend routes and points of interest on the motorbike trip you are about to make.
Is it possible to pick up or return the bike somewhere other than Barcelona?
Our head office is in Barcelona, at Diputació 18, in the heart of the Eixample district.

We have an agreement with another operator in Madrid, TravelBike, where we have some bikes from our fleet, which can be picked up and returned in Madrid.

There is also the possibility of rentals between Madrid and Barcelona for a small additional charge.

Finally, it is also possible to transport the rented motorbike to different points in Spain for the start or end of the trip.
Ask us about the places and rates available for the transport of the motorbike.

What should be done in case of accident?
In every rented motorbike, on the same day of pick-up, the client is given the motorbike’s documentation.

This includes the insurance document with the telephone numbers to call in case of an accident, which are available 24 hours a day.

Do I need the international license to drive in Spain?

In the following article you can check the kind of required license and the conditions to drive in Spain if you are from abroad.