Rent a singular motorcycle

There are timeless motorcycles. Classics of yesterday and today. Traveling on a classic motorcycle offers authentic sensations.

Honda Monkey 125. Yellow

Honda Monkey 125

A beautiful and agile urban motorcycle for the city. Tribute to the mythical Honda Monkey, recreated in a modern version by Honda. Suitable for the A2 card.

Honda CB1100EX

It is the perfect example of a classic motorcycle designed in the 21st century. It is a tribute to the mythical Honda CB750, with its unmistakable four-cylinder engine, air cooling, rear shock absorbers and classicism in the forms.


Honda CMX500 Rebel

It is a light custom motorcycle, with an original design, short and ideal for any level of experience. Very comfortable and easy to drive, suitable for the A2 license.

Yamaha Niken

Yamaha Niken

The Yamaha Niken is a unique 3-wheel motorcycle. An amazing motorcycle with which you will enjoy a different motorcycle experience.

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