Rent a singular motorcycle

There are motorcycles that are different. In this category you will find unique motorcycles, beyond the traditional rental motorcycles. In PauTravelMoto we dare to offer our customers alternative motorcycles with their own sensations.

Pau Vidal, creator of PauTravelMoto, has traveled the Alps and the Pyrenees on a Honda CB1100EX and has traveled the south of Portugal on a Honda Monkey 125. Different motorcycles that create special trips.

Other customers who own trail bikes rented the custom bikes for a weekend to see what it felt like to ride a bike so close to the ground. Attractive bikes that you might not buy, but are great for rent to discover other ways of feeling the bikes.


Honda CB1100EX

It is the perfect example of a classic motorcycle designed in the 21st century. It is a tribute to the mythical Honda CB750, with its unmistakable four-cylinder engine, air cooling, rear shock absorbers and classicism in the forms.

Rent the Honda Rebel CMX1100T in Barcelona

Honda Rebel 1100 T

It’s the ideal motocycle to treat yourself. A high-displacement custom motocycle perfect for travelling with style. An elegant motocycle in its new touring version with front fairing and panniers.

Rent the Honda CL500 Scrambler in Barcelona

Honda CL500 Scrambler

The new Honda CL500 is a mid-displacement scrambler motocycle. Suitable for A2 licence holders, it is perfect for city traffic and is also suitable for dust paths.

Rent the Honda Rebel CMX500 in Barcelona

Honda Rebel 500

It is the most accessible custom motocycle. It can be ridden with an A2 licence, and is the lowest motocycle on the market. All in all, a beautiful, easy-to-ride custom motocycle.

Honda Monkey 125. Yellow

Honda Monkey 125

An urban motorcycle, beautiful and agile for the city. Tribute to the legendary Honda Monkey, recreated in a modern version by Honda. Suitable for the A1 license.

Rent the motocycle Dax125 in PauTravelMoto

Honda Dax 125

An original motocycle for agile movement in urban traffic. The Honda Dax was an icon in the 1970s and is back with a new 125 engine and two-person capacity.