Motorbike friends

Motorbike friends

We live in the world of motorcycle travel in depth. That’s why we have motorcycle friends who are ambassadors of PauTravelMoto. The best way to know what motorbikes need is to live with them.

Paco Villanueva

Many motorcycles and many kilometers across 4 continents have filled my hard drive with charming roads, unique places, countless friends and motorcycle experiences.



Alvaro Rojas on his BMW 1200 GS Adventure


Álvaro Rojas

Mi nombre es Álvaro, tengo 42 años y soy chileno.

Luego de servir a mi país por 22 años en la Fuerza Aérea, decidí cumplir otro sueño.

Dejé mi trabajo, las comodidades y la rutina, con la intención de conocer el mundo sobre 2 ruedas.

En esto ya llevo 2 años y un poco más. 






Elsa González





“I have always been a great lover of motorcycles but since 2015, the year in which I decided to go around the world on my motorbike, the intoxicating sensation and the real freedom that it gave me has made me adopt this modus vivendi which offers unique sensations and that has allowed me to meet many people. Because the people you know on the trips are what make it unique and unforgettable. ” In addition, Vitin organizes motorcycle tours, authentic motorcycle trips with his personal stamp. It is worth taking a look at its website and social networks.





Matias Hardy

Matias Hardy



Teresa Ruiz-Jarabo



Victor Segura

Víctor Segura




Raquel Indomable

Toni Trotacaminos

Toni Trotacaminos