Collaborating companies

PauTravelMoto is not a lonely company. We work in active collaboration with companies specialized in different areas: travel and routes, the world of motorcycles, accessories and components, international, etc.

Thanks to this network of collaborating companies we offer a quality service that makes your motorcycle trip possible.

Routes and trips


OnOff Tours

Every month they organize two motorcycle outings: one on asphalt and the other on OffRoad. In addition, during the year they organize some special trips to Morocco and the Alps.



Tecdrive is specialized in driving courses for trail motorcycles and organization of routes and motorcycle trips. Especially attractive is the Transpirenaica OffRoad that they do every July.

Twin Trail


TwinTrail distributes in Spain some of the best specialized brands in the trail world: Klim, AltRider, etc. Its TwinTrail experience division organizes riding courses for Trail motorcycles and Off-Road trips through the Pyrenees, Alps and Morocco.

Moto experience

Madero Travel

Madero Travel is an international travel agency from Colombia that specializes in organizing events, group trips and all types of tourist activities. Under the attentive leadership of Alex Ponguta, they have been organizing motorcycle “caravans” for years in Latin America and since 2022 in Europe in collaboration with PauTravelMoto.

Moto experience

Moto Experience Tours

Moto Experience Tours organizes routes and guided tours of some of the most fascinating destinations that we can enjoy. His personality is reflected both in his team and in his detailed routes.


BTR Worlwide Tours y MotoEventos Córdoba

Argentine travel agency specialized in motorcycle trips around the world. For your motorcycle trips in Europe they have our support and our motorcycles.

Kikoy Tours y Kimoto

Travel agency led by Roberto Peregín, which is specialized in motorcycle trips around the world.

Travel bike

Travelbike Tours

Travelbike tours is a travel agency located in Madrid that organize motorcycle tours and trips. Camino and Chema personally care that their organized trips are a success.

Travel bike


At Betrail they are people who are passionate about trail bikes. After years of experience, Agustí organizes routes through the Monegros desert, trans-Pyrenean routes, through the Garrotxa … With them you will discover fantastic corners and adventures.


Dostrial Moto Adventours

Manel has spent his whole life on two wheels. From Dostrial, he offers personalized off-road trail initiation courses and organizes motorcycle trips. He especially travels to the Pyrenees and Morocco, where he always has local guides.


Mil Revolts

Mil Revolts is a motorcycle group that organizes outings from Barcelona throughout Catalonia. It knows each kilometer of the roads in the area and offers different types of excursions each week: short mornings, one day, three days or more, semi-tourist and sports.

Travel bike

Team 77

Team 77 lives for the Dakar, a test in which they have participated on several occasions. His passion has no limits. Pep offers his experience in off-road courses for initiation to the trail and organizes off-road motorcycle trips in destinations as diverse as Morocco or Romania.

Logotipo de StreetMotoCoach

Street Moto Coach

Street Moto Coach is organized by Xavi Mirapeix to improve the driving techniques of motorcyclists on the road. It has a catalog of courses structured by levels to facilitate learning, which are taught at the Parc Motor in Vallgorguina.

colaborador moto y pautravelmoto

GR 11

For years now, Ignasi has been carefully preparing the tours he offers from GR11 Viajes. It has a consolidated and extensive catalog of motorcycle trip proposals through Spain and Morocco that has left many satisfied clients. GR11 is a guarantee of quality and commitment for the success of your motorcycle trips around the world.

colaborador moto y pautravelmoto

Moto Ride Medellin

Ruben has created Moto Ride Medellín, it is a scooter and motorcycle rental company in the Colombian city. Organize motorcycle tours so you only have to worry about enjoying your trip. Discover the fabulous landscapes of Antioquia by motorcycle.


Logo Andres

Rent Wing Riders

Rent Wing Riders is the Honda rental program through official Honda dealers located at Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Málaga y Mallorca. PauTravelMoto is the company responsible of the management of the program.



PauTravelMoto was born with the renewed Africa Twin 1000 as the main travel motorcycle. We have been expanding the range, currently having a dozen different models of Honda motorcycles.


BMW Barcelona Premium

BMW Barcelona Premium is part of the (immense) Penske dealer group. A professional and powerful structure led by César Gil, who has Ferran as the committed head of the motorcycle division. We currently collaborate with them in the management of the successful Rent a Ride rental program in Barcelona.

Travel bike

Travelbike Rental

Travelbike is a motorcycle rental company located in the city of Madrid, and specialized in BMW motorcycles. They have one of the largest BMW rental fleets in Spain.


Madrid Moto Rent

Although Santiago and Emliano already have established professional careers in other fields, they had the dream of creating something related to motorcycles. They started their dream in 2022 with a motorcycle rental company in Madrid. We have collaborated with them since almost the beginning for rentals in the Madrid-North area, whether with their motorcycles or ours.


Logo de The Craftsman

The Craftsman Garage

The Craftsman is more than a motorcycle workshop, it is committed to quality and offering the best service to make your experience unforgettable. With a personalized treatment in order to offer the best care of your motorcycle, always valuing the client’s requests.



We trust Dunlop as the main supplier of tires for our motorcycles.



We trust Atlantis to have our rental motorcycle fleet located. In this way, we can easily attend to any incident en route.

Oasisand colaborador de PauTravelMoto


Oasisand is an artisan producer of travel bags highly appreciated by the most adventurous motorcycle travelers. Merche and Jose lovingly craft their products using top quality materials and paying attention to the functionality of the design.


Transportes Manzano

Working with Fran Manzano is sharing with him his passion for motorcycles, which he distributes with care and dedication throughout Spain. He is a person committed to his work, who takes care of all the motorcycles he transports as if they were his own. Thanks to it, we can deliver and collect motorcycles anywhere in Spain.


Control 94

“Motorcycles are our thing” is Control94’s motto. It is one of the main Honda dealerships in Barcelona, ​​with which we have collaborated since our beginnings. Manel Uroz, now retired, helped us in our beginnings and currently it is a pleasure to work with Adrián and Lisbert who are always ready to support us in whatever we need.
Oasisand colaborador de PauTravelMoto


With Xavi Arenas we have shared routes in Africa Twin through the Moroccan desert. His passion and love for Honda motorcycles is beyond any doubt: he has lived his entire life among motorcycles, playing in the halls of the Impala dealership since he was little. Traditionally, this is the reference Honda dealership in the upper area of ​​Barcelona.
colaborator de pautravelmoto twin trail


TwinTrail distributes in Spain some of the best specialized brands in the trail world: Klim, AltRider, etc. Its TwinTrail experience division organizes riding courses for Trail motorcycles and Off-Road trips through the Pyrenees, Alps and Morocco.

Hermanos rojas


Xavi Vallejo’s commitment to road safety education and teaching the use of motorcycles is total. More than a company, his is a titanic mission in which he spares no effort to place motorcycle training in the place it deserves. Motoescuela has become the leader in quality training specialized in motorcycles.
Hermanos rojas

Hermanos Rojas Neumáticos

Specialized workshop in tires located in the center of Barcelona, which is one of the references in the sector.

colaborador PauTravelMoto

HRB, Motos Racing Bofarull

Our reference workshop for motorcycle maintenance. Carlos Bofarull and team have extensive experience and experience in the world of motorcycles. They also have new motorcycles for sale.


V2 Neumáticos

Specialized workshop in tires located in the center of Barcelona.

LVT moto

LVT Logística

Transport agency specialized in motorcycle transport. It is spectacular to see the trucks that are specially equipped to transport only motorcycles.

colaborador moto y pautravelmoto


Salva is passionate about the world of motorcycles who has created a personalized line of clothing and other accessories for us to ride in style.