The motorcycle trip house in Barcelona

Our new premises

2020 has been a very tough year for us; With practically more than six months closed due to mobility restrictions and with international tourism unable to fly to Barcelona. The decrease in our activity has been more than 50%, but the determination of the commitment to the motorcycle trip has helped us to continue in these difficult times.

Nuevo local pauTravelMoto

We have taken advantage of these months to improve and strengthen ourselves, to be able to return with more services. To achieve this, we have moved to a new space that will allow us to better serve our customers, facilitate the delivery and collection processes. In short, to promote our quality of service to have the best customer service standards in Barcelona.

It has been months of work to condition an old 4×4 workshop in a modern and warm space dedicated to motorcycle travel. We welcome you and invite you to discover our home, the home of the motorcycle trip. We are sure that you will love it because we have put hope and positive energy in every corner of the premises.


Exceptional location in the Example of Barcelona

We are located on Calle Diputació number 18, 100 meters from our previous premises. This is so because it seems to us that we are in the best area for a company like ours. A central location, which at the same time has an easy entry and exit of the city. In addition, we are very close to the main train station in Barcelona, ​​Sants-Estació, which puts us a stone’s throw from all of Catalonia and the rest of Spain. The bus that connects with Barcelona airport has its first stop 200 meters from the premises, so in just 10 minutes you will go from the plane to your motorcycle. We are surrounded by metro stations and bus lines that give us easy access from all over the city. Many of our clients walk to the premises, since we are within walking distance of the main hotel areas of the city.

Africa Twin con maletas laterales

Large service area for the collection and return of motorcycles

The place has a large space at the entrance for customer service. No more collecting and delivering motorcycles on the street. This area has enough space to be able to be comfortable with all the ‘’ china shop ’’ that a motorcycle trip involves (helmets, jackets, suitcases, etc.). We know how important it is to be able to start your trip in comfort and we are committed to doing so.

Sofa PauTravelMoto local Barcelona

Are you more into coffee or beer?

In the ‘Hospitality’ area we have put a cozy Chester to be able to be comfortably chatting about trips or motorcycles while we have a coffee or a beer courtesy of the house. Or simply take the opportunity to watch a video of a motorcycle trip or look at the collection of photos of our adventures and those of our clients. Once again, we are committed to offering a cozy place where we can be, talk, make plans or simply stop by to admire the latest motorcycle that has arrived.

Biblioteca libros de motos

Motorcycle travel book library

We are classics, so we love paper. Motorcycle travel books are our particular “food for dreams”, and we love because they inspire us to live new adventures. In addition, we have frequent visits from motorcycle travelers who use them for consultation, as well as from writers who have made the effort to write the books to inspire future motorcycle travelers. Ah, printed paper, hopefully it never goes away because screens are efficient, but they will never taste like that. We try to have available (almost) everything that is published about motorcycle trips.

Productos a la venta de motos de PauTravelmoto

Accessories and equipment for travel

We are not an accessories and equipment store, but our own customers have encouraged us to have a few ‘corners’ with useful products for motorcycle travelers. In fact, the products that we offer in the store are the same that we use on our rental motorcycles and on our trips. Therefore, we can guarantee its quality with our own experience. We understand the store as one more service to our customers to help them make their motorcycle trips a success.

Motos de alquiler de viaje en Barcelona

Motorcycles, motorcycles and more motorcycles.

Of course, a motorcycle rental company cannot miss the motorcycles that we rent. Whenever they are not rolling, we have the motorcycles displayed so that customers who come to inquire can look at them, sit on them, compare them and choose for their rental the one that they feel best meets their needs. We are used to seeing the surprised face when getting on a motorcycle and discovering that it is not as high as they thought or checking the capacity of the suitcases to see if everything fits. Motorcycles are essential in our premises, motorcycles are our passion.

Reunion de motos en Barcelona en PauTravelMoto

Moto-traveler meeting point

We are used to receiving visits from motorcycle travelers who pass through Barcelona, and come to our premises. Barcelona is a common point in all motorcycle trips through Europe and the Mediterranean. We love that they come, that they tell us about their trips, their plans, their adventures, … For this reason, we have planned that the plant of the premises can be adapted as an open space for passing motorcycle travelers to make their presentations, meet their followers, … For a reason, we call ourselves the motorcycle trip house, a meeting point to know, share, be inspired, …

Taller de motos de alquiler PauTravelMoto

Motorcycle workshop

In this new era, we have decided to share the space with Albert, The Craftsman, a mechanic specialized in large displacement motorcycles of all brands: BMW, Honda, Yamaha, KTM, etc. If you want a personalized treatment with a mechanic who is passionate about his work, who pampers your motorcycles as much as you do, here is your workshop

Parking de PauTravelMoto

Changing room and shower

On many occasions, customers arrive with motorcycle equipment in their luggage. For this reason, we have prepared a space so that they can change and prepare for their trip with comfort. This is especially important in the case of off-road outings, where being able to shower when leaving the motorcycle is something that is valued.

Luggage storage

We have prepared a space for travelers to store their suitcases while enjoying the rented motorcycles. The free luggage storage is a service valued by customers who arrive by plane or train, who can thus leave their luggage safely, and with the convenience of retrieving it when returning the motorcycle.

Parking for our clients’ motorcycles

In addition to the premises, we have about twenty free parking spaces, so that our clients can leave their own motorcycle or scooter while they enjoy the rented motorcycle. Thanks to this car park, many customers can come to pick up the rental motorcycles more comfortably, and already equipped for a motorcycle trip.

In short, with our new location in Diputació 18 we are committed to a quality service so that your motorcycle rentals are as comfortable as possible.