A fleet of travel motorcycle rental

In PauTravelMoto we are real motorcycle travellers. So, we have chosen the travel bikes we like, and we have equipped them with cases, fenders and USB power sockets to make your trip more comfortable.

Motos de PauTravelMoto

We help you prepare your trip

We know well the areas you are going to travel through. We have travelled many times by motorcycle, so we can recommend the best roads and the most interesting stops on your route. We are passionate about our work and we love helping make our clients’ trips a success.


Our bikes are geolocated

It is a safety issue: our motorcycle fleet is geolocated. That facilitates the location in cases where our client needs any kind of help. In addition, you will have a good memory: we can provide you with the GPS track of the trip you have made.


USB power socket and mobile phone holder

Nowadays, the mobile phone has replaced GPS. Our clients travel with mobiles with data cards that they use to follow the planned route and that is why we have equipped our bikes with USB power socket and RAM support for the mobile, already included in the rental price.

Traveling by car moves you, traveling by motorcycle moves your soul

It’s not about moving: there are cars for that. Motorcycles are for enjoying travel, discovering territories, relish roads … It’s not about going from here to there without sense, but passionately living the trip.


Motorcycles ready to travel

In PauTravelMoto we rent motorcycles to travel. That’s why we equip our Africa Twin with metal top case and side cases, included in the rental price. These kits have enough capacity, so you don’t have to worry about your luggage, just ride kilometres and enjoy.

Equipped with motor fenders and fairing

Our rental’s Africa Twin have motor fenders and fairing for your quiet. Damage in standstill falls or at low speed is avoided with defenses.

honda africa twin 1000

Honda Africa Twin 1000

Our favourite motorcycle. We are in love with its versatility. A new generation motorcycle, which is the reference for its fantastic travel behaviour.

honda africa twin adventure sports prueba

Honda Africa Twin Adventure 1000

It is the most traveller version of the Africa Twin. It is equipped with a larger tank and other details such as heated cuffs and a higher screen.

honda africa twin 1000

Honda Africa Twin 1100

A versatile, powerful, safe and reliable motorcycle that emphasizes its off-road capabilities. Suitable for enjoying all types of terrain, both on road and highway trips and outside of them.

honda africa twin adventure sports prueba

Honda Africa Twin Adventure 1100

It emphasizes even more the route capabilities of its predecessor. It offers great autonomy between refueling, has improved suspensions while incorporating tubeless tires.

honda cb500x 2019

Honda CB500X

It is an amazing motorcycle, with enough power to make long trips and easy to drive. It can be driven with the A2 license.

honda cb500x 2018

Honda CB500X-2018

It is the most economical motorcycle to travel of our fleet. It offers an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

honda cb1100ex

Honda CB1100EX

It is the perfect exponent of a classic motorcycle designed in the 21st century. It is a tribute to the mythical Honda CB750, with its unmistakable four-cylinder engine, air cooling, rear shock absorbers and classic forms.

honda crf 250L

Honda CRF250L

It is a lightweight trail motorbike, suitable for the A2 license, similar in appearance to an enduro motorcycle, which allows all kinds of excursions on roads, cities or unpaved roads.

honda crf 250 rally

Honda CRF250 Rally

Essentially it is the same motorcycle as the Honda CRF250L, which has incorporated a fairing motorbike and a larger tank that increases its capacity for longer routes.

honda crf 250 rally

Honda CMX500 Rebel

Honda has surprised everyone by creating an original custom motorcycle, low, affordable and easy to drive. Suitable for any level of motorcycle experience and the A2 card.

x adv

Honda X-ADV 750

An amazing motorcycle. Although it looks like a scooter, it is a real motorcycle that is equipped with a 750 engine and a DCT automatic transmission that allows you to enjoy it on long trips.

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