Version of document of May, 1st, 2018


  • Its social denomination is: PauTravelMoto Barcelona S.L.
  • Its CIF: B66976887
  • Its social residence is: C/ Romans, 42 Planta baja – 08025 Barcelona
  • Its social activity is:  Alquiler de motocicletas
  • E-mail address:
  • Purpose of this web site: information of motorcycle rental.
  • Page of PauTravelMoto (from here written PauTravelMoto ):, y


Responsible for the treatment

The person in charge of personal data : Palisandro David Gamez                  E-mail:


How to exercise your rights: You can send a letter to the office of PauTravelMoto or e-mail address indicated in the heading of this legal notice, including in both cases photocopy of your DNI or other identification document, in order to solicit the exercise of the following rights:

  • Right to solicit the access to the personal datas: You can ask to PauTravelMoto if this company is treating your data.
  • Right to solicit its correction(in case your data is mistaken).
  • Right to solicit the limitation of its treatment, in which the cases will be only kept by PauTravelMoto for the exercise or the defense of claims.
  • Right to oppose to the treatment: PauTravelMoto will stop treating the datas in the way you indicate, unless the exercise or the defense of claims have to be kept treating with the legitimate imperative reasons.
  • Right to the portability of the data: In case you want your data to be treated by another firm, PauTravelMoto will facilitate the portability of your data to the new responsible person.
  • Right to delete the data: if not with imperative legal reason, your data can be deleted with your confirmation.

Model, application form and more information about your rights: Official page of the Spanish Agency of Protection of data

Possibility of withdraw the consent: In case you have granted the consent for a specific purpose, you have right of withdrawing at any time, without affecting the legality of treatment based on the consent prior to its withdrawal.

How to reclaim before the Autoridad de Control: If you consider that there is a problem with the way in which PauTravelMoto is dealing your data, you can direct your claim to the responsible person of security of PauTravelMoto  (indicated above) or to the authority of protection of data that corresponds, the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, the one indicated in the case of España.

Right to access to your personal data: At any time you have a right to revise, retrieve, anonymize and/or delete, total or partially, the accumulated data in the Web Site. You only have to send E-mail to and solicit it.

Conservation of data

Compressed data: The compressed data will be kept without the expiry date.

Data of the customers of online store: The period of conservation of the personal data is different depending on the service that each customer contracts with us. In any case, with minimum thing, it can be kept up to:

  • 4 years: The law on Infringement and Sanctions in Social Order (obligations in terms of affiliation, registration, cancellation, quotation, payment of salaries…); Arts. 66 y sig. Ley General Tributaria (accounting book…);
  • 5 years: Art. 1964 Civil Code (personal actions without special term)
  • 6 years: Art. 30 Commercial Code (accounting book, invoices…)
  • 10 years: Art. 25 Law of Prevention of the Money Laundering y Financing of Terrorism.

Data of the subscribers to the feed by e-mail: Since a user’s subscription until he/she cancel it.

Data of the subscribers on the newsletter: Since a user subscribe until he/she cancel.

Data of the users uploaded on pages by PauTravelMoto, and profiles in social networks: Since a user offer his/her consent until withdrawal.

Secret and security of data

As for the utilization of data, PauTravelMoto promises to respect its confidentiality and to use it in accordance with its purpose, as well as to comply with its obligation of protecting it and adapting all of mediums to avoid the disturbance, loss, unauthorized processing or access, in accordance with the provision in Real Decreto 1720/2007 of December 21st, by which the Regulation of development of the Law Organic 15/1999 of December 13th, of Protection of Data of Personal Character is approved.

You guarantee that the personal data provided through the form is truthful, and you should notify any modification of it.

likewise, you guarantee that all of the provided information corresponds to your real situation, which is caught up with and accurate. Besides you have to keep your data updated at any time. It is the only way for the responsibility of the inaccuracy or error of the provided data, and of the damages that it can cause toward PauTravelMoto, like what PauTravelMoto owns, or toward third-party with motive of the utilization.

Breach of security

PauTravelMoto adopts reasonably adequate mediums of the security to detect the existence of virus, attacks of hacker and injections of code.

The IP direction of the visitors, the ID of the connected users  and the name of users of the attempts of accessing are registered in the conditional way to check malicious activity and protect the part that is likely to be attacked. Examples of conditions in which registration is made are the tries of accessing, request of disconnection, about suspicious URLs, changes of the contents and passwords. This information is protected for 180 days.

However, you must keep in mind that the mediums of security of computer systems in Internet are not entirely reliable and that, therefore,  PauTravelMoto cannot guarantee that there is neither virus nor other elements that can cause alterations in the computer systems (software and hardware) of users or in their electronic documents and index contents.

Despite that, in order to guarantee the security and privacy of your personal data, PauTravelMoto provides a system of monitoring the security activity that informs each activity of users and possible breaches in the security of the users’ data. In case there is any breach, PauTravelMoto promises to inform to the users within 72 hours.


All of the products and services offered in the website of PauTravelMoto refer to contact forms, comment forms and the ones to make users’ registrations and/or subscription to newsletter.

This web site always needs the previous consent of the users in order to treat their personal data with the indicated purposes. You have right to revoke your previous consent at any time.

Registration of activities of treatments of data

Web and hosting:  PauTravelMoto has a cipher SSL TLS v.1.2, which enables the safe sending of personal data through contact form of standard type, given to the servers that PauTravelMoto has contracted a Dina hosting.

Data collected through the web: The collected personal data is the object of treatment automatized and incorporated to the corresponding files that PauTravelMoto owns.

  • Your IP will be sent to us, which will be used to check the origin of the message with object of offering you information, protection against comments SPAM, and to detect possible irregularities (for example: opposite parts from of the same case are written in the web site from the same IP), as well as data relative to its ISP.
  • Likewise, you can provide us your data with E-mail and other medias of communication indicated in the section of contact.

Form of the comments: In the web, there is the possibility of that the users leave comments to the publications of the web site, and a cookie that stocks the data provided by the user so that you do not have to re-enter it in each visit and besides the E-mail address, name, web, and IP address are collected internally.

The data is stored in the servers of Dinahosting SL.

Registration of users: Not admitted except clear request.

Forms of subscription to Newsletter: PauTravelMoto  utilizes the service of sending newsletters (by E-mail) from MailChimp, operated by The Rocket Science Group LLC, located in the state of Georgia in the USA, which stores your data of E-mail, name and acceptance of the subscription. You can nullify the subscription to newsletter at any time through a link located at the bottom of each shipping that you receive.

E-mail: Our E-mail service provider is Google, Inc, through Google Apps for companies.

Instant messaging:  PauTravelMoto does not provide the service through instant messaging such as, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or LINE.

Payment service provider: Through PauTravelMoto, you can access, through links, to the web sites for third-party, such as PayPal or LaCaixa, to make payments of the services provided by PauTravelMoto. The staff of PauTravelMoto does not have access to the data of bank at any time (for example, the number of credit card).

Embedded content from other websites

The articles of PauTravelMoto can include embedded content (for example: vídeos, pictures, articles, etc.). The embedded contents from other websites behaves in the same way as if the visitors had visited the other website. These websites can re-copy the data about you, use cookies, embed the tracking of third-party, and monitor your interaction with embedded content, included the tracking of your interaction with the embedded content if you have an account or you are connected to this website.

Other services: Certain services provided through the web site of PauTravelMoto can contain particular conditions with specific previsiones regarding protection of personal data. It is essential to read and accept it prior to the request of the service.

Purpose and legitimation: The purpose of the treatment of this data is only providing you with the information or services that you ask us.

Social networks

  • Presence in networks: PauTravelMoto has profiles in some of the main social networks of Internet.
  • Purpose and legitimation: The treatment that PauTravelMoto carries out with the data inside each one of the referred networks will be, at most, the one that the social network allows to the corporate profiles. So then, PauTravelMoto can inform, when it is not prohibited in law, to the followers by any means that the social network allows about their activities, presentations, offers, as well as providing service personalized by the attention to clients.
  • Extraction of data: PauTravelMoto never take out the data of social networks in any case, unless obtaining punctually and expressly the consent from the user.
  • Rights: When, because of the own nature of the social networks, the effective exercise of the rights of protection of followers’ data is subordinated to the modification of the personal profile, PauTravelMoto will help and advise you till the end as possible.

Regards of the treatment out of the UE

  • Storage and cipher: PauTravelMoto utilizes services of storage ciphered from Google Inc through Google Drive.
  • E-mail: The service of E-mail PauTravelMoto is provided using the services of Google Inc. through Google Apps.
  • Social networks: PauTravelMoto makes use of the American social networks, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, to those who do the international transference of data, and of analytic and technical type in relation to the website, being in its servers in which PauTravelMoto treats the data that, through them, the users, subscribers or navigators submit to PauTravelMoto  or share with it.
  • Providers of payment: So that you can pay through PayPal or LaCaixa, PauTravelMoto will send the strictly necessary data of those to these processors of payment for the emission of the corresponding request of payment. Your information is protected in accordance with our privacy policy and cookies.

When you activate a subscription or provide your data of payment, you understand and accept our privacy policy and cookies. At any time you have right to access, correction, deletion, limitation, portability and omission of your data.

From the moment when you register yourself as user in this website, PauTravelMoto has access to: Name of user and Email, IP address, postal address, DNI/CIF and data of payment. In every case, PauTravelMoto has the right to modify, at any time, and without need of previous notice, but informing, the presentation and configuration of the web site PauTravelMoto as the present of legal notice.

Commitments and obligations with our users

The access and/or use of PauTravelMoto attributes to the person who realizes it with the condition of user, accepting, from that time, fully and without booking, the present of legal notice in relation with determined services and contents of PauTravelMoto.

In the utilization of PauTravelMoto, the user is committed to not carrying out any conduct that could harm the image, the interests and the rights of PauTravelMoto or of third-parties, or that could harm, disable, surcharge the portal PauTravelMoto, or that could prevent, in any way, the normal utilization of PauTravelMoto.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a harmless file that is downloaded in your computer when you access to the determined web page. The cookies enable web page, among other things, to stock and retrieve information about the navigation habits of a user or of equipment and, depending on the information that they contain, of the way how to utilize the equipment.

So, there are cookies that obtain information related to the number of the visited pages, the city to which the IP address is allotted from where it is accessed, the number of new users, the frequency of the visits, the time of the visit, the navigator, the operator or the type of terminal from which the visit is made.

What is not a cookie?

It is not a virus nor trojan nor a worm, nor spam, nor spyware, nor open pop-up windows.

What information does cookie stock?

The cookies usually do not stock secret information about you, such as credit card or data of bank, photos, your DNI or  personal information, etc. The data that they guard is from technical character, personal preference, personalization of contents, etc.

The web server does not associate you as a person but to your web browser. Actually, if you usually browse with Internet Explorer and try to browse by same web with Firefox or Chrome, you will see that the web does not notice that you are the same person because actually it is associating to the browser, not to a person.

What happens if I deactivate the cookies?

We show you some examples so that you understand the scope that deactivating the cookies has:

  • You cannot share contents of this website in Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.
  • The web site cannot adapt the contents to your personal preferences,  suele ocurrir en las tiendas online.
  • The web site cannot do web analytics about visitors and traffic in the web, what makes it difficult for web to be competitive.
  • You cannot write in the blog, nor upload photos, post comments, assess or score contents. The website does not know either if you are a human or an automatized application that posts spam.
  • It is not possible to show sectorized advertising, which will reduce the advertising income of the website.
  • All of the social networks use cookies, if you deactivate them, you cannot use any of social network.

What kind of cookies is there?

  1. Types of cookies according to the entity that manages the equipment or domain from where the cookies are sent, and treats the obtained data, we can distinguish:
  • Required cookies: They are sent to the terminal equipment of the user from a computer or domain managed by the proper editor and from the one that gets the requested service from the user.
  • Cookies of third-parties: They are sent to the terminal equipment of the user from a computer or domain that is managed not by proper editor, but by another entity that treats the obtained data through the cookies.

In case that the cookies are installed from a computer or domain managed by the editor but the information collected through them is managed by third-party, they are not considered as proper cookies.

Cookie DART

  • Google, such as associated provider, uses cookies to post advertisement in PauTravelMoto.
  • You can disable the use of the cookie of DART of the Google advertising system, accessing to Google privacy center.

Furthermore, the browsers enable the users to see and delete cookies individually. You have more information about Cookies in: Wikipedia

Web Beacons

This site has also web beacons (known as web bugs too). The web beacons are usually small images of a pixel, visible or invisible, which are colocated inside the code of the web site. They offer the form similar to the cookies.

Besides, the web beacons are usually used in order to measure the traffic of users who visit a web page and to be able to take a pattern of the users of a website. You can get more information about them in: Wikipedia

Cookies of third-parties

In some cases, we share information about the visitors of this site in anonymous or aggregate way with third-parties such as advertisers, sponsors, or auditors for sole purpose of improving our services.

All of these tasks of processing will be regulated according to the legal norms and all of their rights regarding protection of data are respected in accordance with the valid regulation.

This site measures the traffic with different solutions which can use cookies or web beacons to analyze what happens in our pages.

Currently we utilize the following solutions to measure the traffic of this site. You can find more information about the privacy policy of  each solution used for such case:

This site also has proper advertisement, affiliated, or advertising networks. You can see this publicity through advertising servers which also use cookies to show ad contents related to users.

Each one of these ad servers has its own privacy policy, which can be  consulted in its proper web sites.

What types of cookies are used in this web site?

When you access to the web PauTravelMoto, we let you know that various cookies and those of third-parties corresponding to the web analytics (as an example: Google analytics or similar tools) are installed to you if you keep browsing, in order to help the web site to analyze the use you do with web site and to improve its usability, but in any case you cannot associate them to the data that could identify you.

The data that they protect is of technical character, of personal preferences, personalization of contents, etc. The web server does not associate you as a person, but to web browser.

This web utilized proper cookies and of third-parties so that you have the best experience of browsing, you can share content in social networks, leave comments and in order to obtain statistics of our users.

As user, you can refuse the treatment of data or the information blocking these cookies through the appropriate configuration of its browser.

Nevertheless, you have to know that if you do it, this site perhaps does not work adequately. Therefore it is important that you read the present policy of cookies and you understand that if you keep browsing, we consider that you accept your use.

You can change the configuration of your browser to get informed of the reception cookies in your device or to deactivate the capacity of storing cookies in your devices if you need.

The following table is included below, only as an example, with identification of the cookies more relevant and utilized in this web site, as well as if they are their own or of third-parties (and identification of the contracted third-party or the one whose services have been decided) and their purpose

Proper cookies 
CookiesInformation (*)Purpose
Strictly necessaryC. of entry of the user  C. of session of authentication or identification of the user C. of security of the user C. of session of reproductor multimedia C. of session to equilibrate the chargeC. of personalization of the interface of user C. of complement (plug-in) to share and exchange social contents (Facebook y twitter) C. to fill in the forms of the system comments Disqus that records the acceptation of cookiesIn order to offer services or to record configurations to improve experience of browsing on our website.


Cookies of  Third-parties:
CookiesInformation (*)Purpose
Analytics – Google Analytics,Number of visits, pages or visited sections, time of browsing, websites visited before entering this page, details about the used browsersInformes estadísticos sobre el tráfico del sitio web, su audiencia total y la audiencia en una determinada campaña publicitaria
MailerLite cloudflare. (_cfduid)Preferences of the user, information about the interaction with the web site (requested service, date y time), type of browser and language, geographical localization)Carga de formularios de suscripción desde los servidores de Mailerlite y caché de los mismosd
Active Publicity Information about Social Participation and Tracking of users.El objetivo principal de las cookies de este host es: Orientación / Publicidad

La Caixa

 Technical cookies. They reinforce the security in the access to the platforms of  PayPal and La Caixa payment Technical cookies required for the services’ payment

Currently this web site has publicity of:

There are also cookies corresponding to the social networks that have their own policies.

How are the cookies managed? 

Given that the cookies are archives of normal text, they can be scanned with most editors of text or word processing programs. You can clic on a cookie to open it.

A list of links about how to see cookies in different browsers is included below. If you use other browser, check the information about cookies in the proper browser. if you use mobile phone, check the manual of the device to get more information.

Configuration of cookies for the browsers which are more popular

Below we indicate how to access to a determined cookie Chrome. Noting: These steps can be different depending on the version of the browser:

  1. Go to Setting or Preferences through the menu Archive or clicking the icon of personalization that appears above at the top right.
  2. You will see different sections, click the option Show further options.
  3. Go to PrivacySetting of contents.
  4. Select All of the cookies and the data of sites.
  5. You will find a list with all of the ordered cookies by domain. In order to make it easier for you to find the cookies of a specific domain, enter partially or totally the address of Finding cookies.
  6. After completing this filter, you find one or various lines with the cookies of the requested web in the screen. Now you only have to select it and press the X to proceed its elimination.

In order to access to the setting of cookies browser Internet Explorer, follow these steps (they can vary depending on the version of the browser):

  1. Go to ToolsOptions of Internet
  2. Click on Privacy.
  3. Move the slider till reaching the level if privacy that you want.

In order to access to the setting of cookies of the browser Firefox, follow these steps (they can vary depending on the version of the browser):

  1. Go to Options or Preferences according to your operative system.
  2. Click on Privacy.
  3. In Historial choose Use a personalized setting for the historial.
  4. Now you see the options Accept cookies, you can activate or deactivate it according to your preferences.

In order to access to the setting of cookies of the browser Safari for OSX, follow these steps (they can vary depending on the version of the browser):

  1. Go to Preferences, then Privacy.
  2. In this place you will see the option Block cookies so that it sets the type of block that you want to make.

In order to access to the setting of cookies of the browser Safari for iOS, follow these steps (they can vary depending on the version of the browser):

  1. Go to  Settings, then Safari.
  2. Go to Privacy and Security, you will see the option Block cookies so that it sets the type of block that you want to make.

In order to access to the setting of cookies of the browser for devices Android, follow these steps (they can vary depending on the version of the browser):

  1. Open the browser and press Menu, then Settings.
  2. Go to Security and Privacy, you will see the option Accept cookies so that it activates or deactivates the active o desactive the section.

In order to access to the setting of cookies of the browser para dispositivos Windows Phone, follow these steps (they can vary depending on the version of the browser):

  1. Open Internet Explorer, then More, then Setting
  2. Now you can activate or deactivate the section Permit cookies.

Do Not Track

PauTravelMoto has adapted the web site PauTravelMoto to the standard Do Not Track to guarantee better privacy for the users who have activated the noted option in the browser.

This web site automatically excludes the users who send the headboard Do Not Track from the tracking of Google Analytics, and it is compatible with the express acceptance.

If you have a compatible browser with this protocol, you can activate it to avoid the tracking by part of web sites. In Google Chrome, for example, it is in Setting > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Sending a request of no tracking with your traffic of browsing.

If you want it, you can disable the tracking of Google Analytics through this complement for the browser offered by Google.

Additional notes

  • Neither this web nor its legal representatives are responsible for the content nor the veracity of privacy policies that can have the third-parties mentioned in this policy of cookies.
  • The web browsers are the tools in charge of storing the cookies and from this place you have to eliminate your right or deactivate from them. Neither this web nor its legal representatives can guarantee the accuracy of the manipulation of cookies by the aforementioned browsers.
  • In some cases it is necessary to install cookies so that the browser does not forget your decision or acceptance.
  • In the case of the cookies of Google Analytics, this company stocks the cookies in servers located in the USA and is committed to no-sharing it with third-parties, except in the cases in which it is necessary for the system function or when the law obliges to put it into practice. According to Google, it does not keep your IP address. Google Inc is a company adhering to Safe Port Agreement which guarantees that all of transferred data is treated with the level of protection in accordance with the European norm.
  • For any question or query regarding this policy of cookies, do not hesitate to contact us through the section of contact.

Revising my preferences about cookies this site

Again, I remind you that you always can revise your preferences about the acceptance, or no, of the cookies in this web site.


PauTravelMoto contains elaborate texts for merely informative purposes that may not reflect the actual state of the legislation or the jurisprudence and that refer to general situations by which its content can never be applied by users to specific cases.

The options indicated in them does not always reflect the points of view of PauTravelMoto .

The content of articles published by PauTravelMoto cannot be considered, in any case, substitute for legal advice.

Users must not act based on the information in PauTravelMoto without resorting previously to the corresponding professional advice.

Rights of intellectual and industrial property

Through these General Condiciones no intellectual or industrial property rights is given, neither about the portal PauTravelMoto nor about any of its component elements, as User is expressly prohibited from the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making available for the public, extraction, reutilization, re-sending or the utilization of any nature, by any means of procedure, from any of them, except in the cases in which it is legally permitted or authorized by owner of the corresponding rights.

Users know and accept that the entire of the web site, without exhaustive text, photos, designs, software, contents (including structure, selection, ordination and presentation of them), audiovisual graphic material, is protected by trademarks, copyrights and other legitimate registered rights, in accordance with the international treaties in which Spain is a part, and other property rights or laws of Spain are regarded.

In the case that a user or a third-party consider that a violation of their legitimate rights of intellectual property has been occurred by the introduction of a specific content in PauTravelMoto, you have to notify to PauTravelMoto with such conditions indicating:

  • Personal data of the interested one, headline of the presumably infringed rights, or indicating the representation with which it acts in case that the claim is presented by a third-party other than the interested one.

Pointing the contents protected by the intellectual property rights and their location in PauTravelMoto, the accreditation of the shown intellectual property rights and expressive declaration in which the interested one takes responsibility of the veracity of the informations provided in the notification.

Norm and resolution of conflicts

The present use conditions of PauTravelMoto are governed in all or each one of their extremes by the Spanish law. The language of redaction and interpretation of this legal notice is Spanish.

This legal notice is not individually archived for each user, but will remain accessible through Internet in PauTravelMoto .

The users can submit to the Customer Arbitration System, of which PauTravelMoto will be a part to solve any controversy or claim derived from present text or from any activity of PauTravelMoto, except to solve conflicts that arise from the development of an activity that needs membership, in that case a user has to be led to the corresponding lawyer timely.

The users who have the status of consumers or those following the defined Spanish norm and who live in the European Union, if they have had a problem with an online purchase made for PauTravelMoto, to try to reach extrajudicial agreement, can accuse the Platform of Resolution of Online Litigation, created by the European Union and developed by the European Commission under Regulation (UE) 524/2013.

Whenever the user is not a registered customer, and whenever there is no norm that obliges other thing, the parties agrees to submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, as this is the place of celebration of the contract, with express renunciation to any other jurisdiction that could correspond to them.


The access and/or use of PauTravelMoto for those to whom the condition of User is made, accepting, from this moment, and without reservation, the present legal notice, as well as the particular conditions which, in its case, complement it, in relation with specific services and contents of PauTravelMoto.

The user is kept informed and accept that the access to PauTravelMoto does not imply, in any way, the beginning of a commercial relation with PauTravelMoto. In this way, the user is committed to using the web site, its services and contents without contravening the current legislation, good faith and the public order.

The use of the web with illegal or harmful purposes, or which, in any way, can cause damage or prevent the normal function of website, is prohibited. Regarding the contents in this website, those below are prohibited:

  • Its reproduction, distribution or modification, total or partial, unless authorized by its legitimate headlines.
  • Any violation of the rights of legitimate headlines’ provider.
  • Its utilization with the purpose of commerce or advertisement.

External Links

The pages of the web site PauTravelMoto provide links to other web sites contents that are the properties of third-party, manufacturer or providers.

The only object of the links is providing Users with the possibility of accessing to such links and knowing our products, though PauTravelMoto cannot take a responsibility in any case of results or problems that are derived from the access to such links.

The user who intends to establish any technical device of link from his/her web site to the portal PauTravelMoto will have to get the previous written authorization of PauTravelMoto.

In any case, the establishment of the link does not imply the existence of relations between PauTravelMoto and the owner of the web site in which the link is established, nor the acceptance or approval by PauTravelMoto of its contents or services.

If you access to a external site from a link that you find in PauTravelMoto, you will have to read the proper privacy policy of the other site, as it may differ from that of PauTravelMoto.


The function of re-marketing or of similar audience of AdWords enable us to reach the people that have visited our web site previously, and to help them to complete its selling process.

As a user, when you enter our web site, we install for you a cookie of re-marketing (can be from Google Adwords, from Criteo or from other services that offer re-marketing).

  • This cookie stocks information of the visitor, for example the products that the visitor has put or not in the shopping cart.
  • When the visitor leaves our website, the cookie of re-marketing still remains in his/her browser.

Other conditions of the use of this web site

Users are committed to making diligent use of the web site and of the services accessible from it, with full compliance to the law, to good customs and to the present legal notice.

Likewise, users are committed, except previous, express and written authorization of PauTravelMoto to utilizing the information included in the web site, exclusively for users’ information, not being able to make a commercial exploitation of the contents that can be accessed.

This site stocks a file of data related to the comments that were sent to this web site.

You can exercise your rights of access, correction, cancelation, or opposition by sending E-mail to

This site, the associated domains and the property of the content remain to PauTravelMoto Barcelona S.L., CIF B66976887, with home in Romans Street, 42 Ground floor, 08025 Barcelona, Spain.

This web site Este sitio web contends hyper-links that lead to other web sites managed by third-parties to our organization. PauTravelMoto does not guarantee nor take responsibility for the contents that you pick up in such web sites.

Unless there is express, previous or written authorization of PauTravelMoto, the reproduction is strictly prohibited, except for private use, the transformation, and in general any other form of exploitation, by any procedure, of all or even the part of the contents of this web site.

It is also strictly prohibited to make any manipulation or alteration of this web site without previous consent of PauTravelMoto.

As a result, PauTravelMoto does not take any responsibility that could be derived from such alteration or manipulation by third-parties.

Exercise of rights ARCO

You can exercise, regarding the collected data, the rights recognized in the Organic Law 15/1999, de acceso, modification or cancelation of data and opposition.

We inform that you can exercise such rights through written request that can be sent with photocopy of your DNI or identification document equivalent to the postal address of PauTravelMoto Barcelona S.L., CIF B66976887, with home in Romans Street, 42 Planta baja, 08025 Barcelona, Spain or by E-mail, with photocopy of DNI to:

Before 10 days, we answer your request to confirm you the exercise of right that you have requested.

Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

PauTravelMoto does not grant any guarantee nor make it responsible, in any case, for the damages or any kind of what could be caused by:

  • The lack of availability, maintenance effective web operation of its services and contents;
  • The existencia of virus, malicious or harmful programs in the contents;
  • The use, which may be illegal, bogus or contrary to this Legal Notice;
  • The lack of legality, quality, reliability, utility and availability of the services provided by third-parties and terceros y available for the users in web site.

PauTravelMoto does not take responsibility under any conditions of damages that may arise from illegal or inappropriate use of web site.

European platform of resolution of online litigation

The European Commission provides a platform of resolution of online litigation available in the following link: The customers can submit their claims through the platform of resolution of online litigation.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Generally, the relations between PauTravelMoto and the users of its telematic services, which are present in this web site, are subject to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

We are always localizable: Our contact

In case you have any question concerning these legal conditions or any comment about the portal PauTravelMoto, please visit or utilize the contact form available in this web site.

Our privacy policy describes how we pick up, keep or utilize the information that we get through the different services or pages available in this web site.

It is important that you understand that Es importante que entiendas what information we pick up and how we use it because the access to this site means the acceptance of our privacy policy.

Acceptance and consent

The users declare to be informed of the conditions about the protection of personal character data, accepting and consenting the treatment of these through PauTravelMoto, for the purpose indicated in privacy policy.

Commercial E-mails

In accordance with the current legislation, PauTravelMoto does not treat SPAM, so we do not send comercial E-mail that has not been previously requested or authorized by the users.

As a result, in each one of the forms you can find in PauTravelMoto, it is possible for user to show your expressive consent in order to receive our Newsletter, independent from the commercial information that is requested.


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