Rent a BMW

BMW motorcycles are the reference among travel motorcycles. For this reason, we have been incorporating them in our rental fleet for our motorcycle traveler clients for some years now.

Currently, we manage the official BMW Rent a Ride motorcycle rental program of the Barcelona Premium dealership. This direct collaboration with the BMW dealer allows us to offer our customers new motorcycles with low mileage that are renewed every year.

In fact, many customers are surprised when they pick up their rental bike: “it looks like I’m getting a brand new bike”. We have an exclusive space for deliveries and returns, where we work with the quality standards of the brand. We offer you the best BMW motorcycle to guarantee that your motorcycle trip will be a success.


BMW R 1300 GS

The BMW R1250GS has been a legendary motorcycle. Its renewal was something expected, and the first leaks aroused the attention of Trail motorcycle lovers, generating many expectations.

New 2024


BMW R 1250 GS

For many years, this BMW maxi-trail model has been the undisputed reference among travel motorcycles. A powerful and safe motorcycle to enjoy any trip on the road or highway.

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

It is BMW’s flagship among BMW maxi-trail bikes. A motorcycle that impresses standing still for its size and running for its agile behavior. A great bike in every way.

BMW R 1250 RT

It is the best representative of touring motorcycles. A category that comes to represent in the clearest way what it is to travel in first class on a motorcycle. Luxury and comfort.

BMW 1200 GS Pautravelmoto motorcycle rental Barcelona or Madrid



BMW F 850 GS

More than enough power on a motorcycle of more contained size than the BMW boxer range. The F 900 GS is one of the most balanced trail models on the market.


BMW 750 GS motorcycle rental Spain

BMW F 800 GS-2024/ F 750 GS

This model can be described as a democratic motorcycle because it makes the GS range of BMW available to all audiences. It is the most affordable, lightest, most economic and height motorcycle.

New 2024