Africa Twin motorcycle rental from PauTravelMoto

Well yes, open for holidays… for your holidays, of course.

As every year, we will remain open during the months of July and August so that you can rent the motorbikes and enjoy your motorbike holidays.

There is a desire to travel. There is a desire for a motorbike. There is a desire to travel by motorbike. This year, more than ever. After such hard months due to the pandemic, full of pain, restrictions and confinements, we all really want to travel by motorbike. And although these days we are once again aware of the increases and decreases in infections, it is time to remember once again that traveling by motorbike is one of the activities that we can do safely. 

Motorbike rental in Barcelona

At PauTravelMoto we have a wide range of rental motorbikes ready to travel. Enjoy a good motorbike on vacation.

Our favorite is the versatile Honda Africa Twin, a motorbike to enjoy on all types of roads and highways; with which the end of the world is much closer than it seems. 

If you prefer to travel in BMW, you can also choose from several models from the iconic 1250 boxer range: GS, GS Adventure or RT. It depends if you like MaxiTrail, Maximaxitrail, or prefer a touring motorbike. 

More and more people are betting on the mid-range, which are cheaper motorbikes to rent, but equally capable of long trips. In this range we have the versatile BMW F750GS or our beloved Honda CB500X that surprises those who try it. Of course, all of them also equipped with 3 suitcases and telephone support. 

Exclusivity and classicism are called Honda CB1100EX. A motorbike that makes you fall in love from the first time you see it, and that captivates when you ride it: a “flying carpet” that takes the meaning of smooth ride to another level. Your only problem will be deciding if you prefer it in red or white.

And finally, the more adventurous can opt for the off-road range. I have just arrived from a week in the Pyrenees in which we have traveled 1,700 km along roads and tracks, with spectacular landscapes. The small 250/300 CRFs have been a fable and we only had to worry about finding the routes. We have gotten more tired than they have. To look for the real adventure you don’t have to go too far. 

Rent off-road motorbike with friends in Barcelona

In short, we will remain open so that you can enjoy an intense and well-deserved motorbike vacation. Did you know that to enjoy a motorbike on vacation you don’t have to buy it: rent it.