In Pautravelmoto, we have only been renting motorcycles for a few weeks. In a way, we are newcomers to this world of motorcycle rental, but that does not mean that we do not have a lot of years traveling by motorcycle around the planet and reading about motorcycle trips, which does not stop being otherwise. of


The books on motorcycle travel already occupied a considerable space at home. It is a library built over the years that I feel reasonably proud of. I would say that it contains almost everything that has been published about motorcycle trips in Spanish, as well as a good selection of titles in English.

It seemed a bit absurd to have the books at home collecting dust once they were read. Taking advantage of the fact that we have set up the motorcycle rental company, we have considered it more useful to take them to HRB and that they can be loaned to friends and clients (that is, to anyone who wants to come and visit us).

The truth is that I can not think of a better reading to take on a motorcycle trip than a book of a motorcycle trip. In a way, it would be like making a motorcycle trip squared. Or, simply, browse them while they are waiting to pick up their motorcycle. Time will tell if a workshop and a motorcycle rental company are the best place for a library. I like to read and I like how books and trips complement each other. Because travel is to be shared. In fact, in future posts here we will be commenting on some of the books that make up the library.

So you already know: in Pautravelmoto you have a motorcycle travel library at your disposal. Another reason to come and greet us.