At the time of renting a vehicle, one of the things that is usually looked at in more detail is insurance. There are reasons for this: many “low-cost” car rental companies, especially cars, have often offered attractive prices at the cost of removing insurance, which later translated into unpleasant surprises.

Likewise, in other countries such as the United States, rental prices do not include any type of insurance, and by including them their cost can easily exceed that of renting the motorcycle.

Fortunately, the rental of travel motorcycles in Spain is usually a serious sector and includes insurance in the rental price itself. For example, in PauTravelMoto the rental of the motorcycle already includes in the price the three insurances:

– Insurance of damages to third parties and civil liability.

-Travel assistance insurance.

-International Insurance Green Card.

– Insurance of own damages to the motorcycle with franchise (variable according to the rented motorcycle). As an optional insurance, there is only the complementary insurance to reduce the franchise in rentals of more than four days.

It is what can be called, without a doubt, a secure rental. Next, we detail a little more the different insurance coverage to consider when renting a motorcycle:

Travel assistance insurance included.

Our motorcycles have travel assistance insurance that allows you to face any problems you may have during the rental. This includes both mechanical assistance and medical assistance if necessary.

Third party damage insurance and civil liability included.

This insurance is mandatory in Spain. However, it is important that it be formalized for rental motorcycles, so we recommend checking the policy. It covers damages to third parties that may occur during the rental.

International Insurance Green Card.

It is necessary if you are going to travel abroad to countries that do not belong to the European Union, such as Andorra, Switzerland or Morocco. Guarantees mandatory civil liability coverage in a wide list of countries.

Insurance of own damages to the motorcycle with franchise included.

We include a motorcycle damage insurance with a franchise, the amount of which varies depending on the motorcycle. The franchise is the limit of financial responsibility of the client in case of theft or damage to the rented motorcycle itself. The franchise is blocked on the credit card during the rental and is released upon return of the motorcycle.

Optional PLUS insurance to reduce liability for own damages.

It is a complementary insurance to the one of own damages, that is only available in the rents that exceed the four days. This insurance has a daily cost of € 25 and serves to reduce liability for own damages to an amount between € 300 and € 600, depending on the motorcycle model you rent.

Check the insurance documentation before picking up the motorcycle.

When picking up a rental motorcycle it is important to check in detail the documentation provided and review that the insurance is adequate for a rental motorcycle and not for a particular motorcycle.