Time goes very fast. Full-speed. In June 2017 we started the adventure of PauTravelMoto. And we are finishing the year 2019. Two and a half years have passed, but it seems to us little more than a sigh.

Of the three motorcycles with which we started the activity at twenty-five that we had rolling during this last summer. When we look at the figures, we realize the path we have traveled: clients of 28 different nationalities who have visited 21 countries and traveled more than 520.000 kilometers with our motorcycles.

It has been two and a half exciting years in which we have traveled with our clients and have enjoyed each of their trips with them. We have advised them, and at the same time we have learned. Every day we continue to discover something new that will be useful for future customers.

In addition, a large number of riders make a stop on their trips to visit us at our location to share conversations, memories and make plans. PauTravelMoto has become a true motorcycle travel house in Barcelona. Day by day we are building a true motorcycle community in Barcelona. With friends, with clients, with visitors, with collaborators,… In short, with all those people who continue to believe in this beautiful way of life that is to travel by motorcycle.

Now that the end of the year is approaching is a good time to remember, and above all to thank. Thank you for joining us on this exciting path that has only just begun.

We have kilometers to go, friends to discover and places to live.

See you on the roads!