Moto de viaje de alquiler en Cataluña


Motorcycle touring is safe. It is an activity with social distance, and that is practiced with individual protection elements. Despite this, we have been in Catalonia for 3 months with movement restrictions, regional or municipal. Practically since the beginning of this year 2021 we have had a continuous municipal confinement that has sadly kept the motorcycles stopped in the garages.

Finally, the mobility restrictions begin to relax, and from Monday, February 8, the perimeter confinement becomes regional. It is not optimal, but we live in such a diverse territory that most regions have interesting roads and corners that are worth rediscovering. Although we cannot do long trips at the moment, we can do fantastic motorcycle routes of one or two days. I propose an exercise: consider the county limits as if they were islands to respect the perimeter confinement, and use it to mark intra-county routes by roads and paths. I have done this exercise in several regions, and surprising routes have emerged. Do you dare to discover your island on a motorcycle, sorry, did I mean your region?

Regional confinement is an opportunity to recover motorcycle routes, even if they have to be in the region. The time will come for us to travel far again by motorcycle (sooner rather than later).


Viaja en moto alquilada por Cataluña


During these weeks of regional confinement, at PauTravelMoto we bring you the motorcycle that you rent to your home for a special reduced cost so that you can enjoy your regional motorcycle routes. Near your house you have more spectacular getaways than you can imagine.

We deliver the motorcycle that you rent to your home for a reduced charge of only € 50 within a radius of about 50 kms around Barcelona. Castelldefels, Vilanova, Vilafranca, Sant Sadurní, Igualada, Manresa, Vic, Granollers, Terrassa, Sabadell, Sant Celoni, Masnou, Mataró,… where do you want us to take the motorcycle? (Check availability for home delivery in other destinations).

What motorcycle do you want to rent? You can choose between any of our Honda, BMW or Yamaha. And you can also decide between a road or off-road motorcycle. Or enjoy the uniqueness of a Niken or a Monkey. You choose: we have one of the largest fleets of rental motorcycles so you can find the motorcycle you want to enjoy.


Alquila una moto por cataluña


Do not stop calling us or come visit us: we have your best plan for you to enjoy riding a motorcycle again during the regional confinement that we live.


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