Moto Africa Twin para alquilar y viajar

More and more people are renting a motorcycle to travel. The motivations for renting a motorcycle are diverse. Here are five reasons why it is a good idea to rent a motorcycle for a trip.

1. We have a scooter to move daily

The most comfortable way to move around the city is a scooter, which is why they are the most popular motorcycles. Having a second motorcycle to use for a few days a year is uneconomic because a motorcycle stopped for many months a year is very expensive: depreciation, motorcycle insurance, road tax, revisions, tires, …

If you make one or a few trips a year, it is a more practical and economical option to rent a motorcycle ready to travel.

2. Our motorcycle does not have travel equipment

Many motorcycle users do not have suitcases, fenders or electrical outlets, and are surprised to find out what it costs to equip a motorcycle to travel. Assembling racks and buying suitcases is an important budget, which usually exceeds four figures, and usually after the trip they are left taking up space at home.

Therefore, it is a good alternative to rent a motorcycle already equipped and prepared to travel by motorcycle occasionally.

3. We travel through an area far from our home

Sometimes the worst thing about a motorcycle trip is the approach to the area we want to travel by motorcycle, or it is simply impossible to get to the starting point of the motorcycle trip because we have to travel by plane or boat.

Renting a motorcycle at the starting point our motorcycle trip is sometimes an obligatory option or in others a more comfortable alternative that is worth taking advantage of.

4. You want to take a trip on a specific motorcycle model

We may want to take a motorcycle trip on a specific motorcycle model that has recently been launched on the market, but we do not want to consider buying it. For example, we may want to travel in that new version of the Africa Twin or BMW, but we are happy with the bike we currently have.

Thanks to the existing offer of rental motorcycles we can allow ourselves to travel on the motorcycle of our dreams without having to buy it.

5. Take a motorcycle trip as a couple

For example, imagine that you are excited about a trip with your partner on a motorcycle, but you have a sports motorcycle in your garage. Although they have two seats, sports bikes in general are not usually a good option to consider a long trip as a duo with luggage.

If you are into sports bikes, a good option when traveling by motorcycle is to rent a travel motorcycle, which are spacious and comfortable for two people to travel with their luggage.

There are more cases, although these five are often found among our clients who rent motorcycles for their trips.

The important thing is that when planning a motorcycle trip it is a success.

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