Fortunately, it is easy to rent a motorcycle in Spain, and you don’t need too much documentation or bureaucratic paperwork. Of course, you should make sure to check what documentation you need, and ensure that you have it ready for the time to start the rental of the motorcycle.

• Permission to drive motorcycles.
Although it seems obvious, the first thing you should have in a proper driving license for the motorcycle you intend to rent. Keep in mind that depending on the countries, the types of motorcycles you can drive with your license change: 125cc, 300cc, up to 47cv, etc.

• International driving license.
In a tourist country like Spain, for short stays, it is usually enough to have your country’s original driver’s license. In the FAQ of you can consult the list of countries. However, if you plan to leave Spain, perhaps the most comfortable thing is that you obtain an international driving license in your country.

• Passport.
It is without a doubt the most important thing you are going to transport. We recommend that you carry it in a safe place, always on top and with a protective case. Try to always have at least half a year of validity. If at the time of renewal you are abroad you must request it at the embassies of your country.

• Visas.
Spain is part of the Schengen territory in the European Union, so if you have been able to reach Spain, you have most of Europe at your disposal without the need for additional visas. If you plan to make your trip south, it is important that you consult which countries need a visa to enter Morocco.

• Motorcycle rental contract.
The rental contract is the document that justifies against any authority why you are driving that motorcycle that you have rented. Therefore, it is very important that you check it to confirm that your name and surname are well written, the address is correct and that it includes the data of your driving license.

• Motorcycle documentation.
The company that rents you the motorcycle must give you a dossier with a copy of the basic documentation of the motorcycle: driving license, technical sheet and proof of insurance. Usually, they will also include emergency telephone numbers, roadside assistance information, etc.

• Registration of the motorcycle as a rental vehicle.
It is not a separate document, but it is important that you verify in the driving license of the motorcycle that you rent that it is correctly registered as a rental vehicle and not as a private use. It is a necessary detail in case of accident or problems with the authority.

• Copy of all documentation in the digital cloud.
It is a good practice to have a copy of your documentation in the digital cloud. In this way, in case of loss you have a copy that facilitates the renewal, or even the continuation of the trip. Likewise, in many cases it will be worth showing the digital copy on your phone preventing you from having to look for the physical papers.