Collateral damage

Again, another weekend the municipal movement restrictions are still active in Catalonia. So another weekend the motorcycles will be stopped and silent. It is a very tough situation for a small company like PauTravelMoto: We have been like this since October, and we have already run out of the end of the autumn season, very good to enjoy the bike.

Obviously, we are not the only ones affected: all the hospitality industry closed for weeks and the confinement of the weekends affects many businesses. Motorcycle tourism is a small world, just a collateral damage of those that nobody takes into account. The irony is that on the motorcycle we practice social distance and it is a covid-safe activity, but that does not matter. We can only show solidarity with the hotel industry, culture, sports and so many other limited activities. It is not easy to fight the virus, but I am not sure it is being done the way it is.

Anyway, while we are practically closed, we have to maintain the illusion and dream and prepare all the motorcycle trips that we will do in 2021. Why yes, we are stubborn and we believe in the future.