Pautravelmoto is born … for not being careful with dreams!

I do not remember when it was the first time someone told me “you have to be very careful with dreams, … because then the bastards go and they come true”. It was a vain warning and I’ve spent my whole life pursuing utopias and building dreams … Come on, I can not think of a more interesting way to live.

Sometimes, dreams begin to form just as a witty idea. It was in 2010, in San Francisco, when I rented a motorbike to travel a section of the legendary Route 66. In front of the large car rental agencies, I chose a small local agency where the owner, Wolfgang, personally explained to me. passionate way the roads I could not miss. “Ummm … It would be nice to do something similar in Barcelona. ” I did not know it, but that idea would haunt me and I would go around.

A few months ago we went to two Africa Twin (one new and another classic) with a good friend to Morocco. I feel a special attraction for the intensity of the desert. It is an inspiring site that helps you think and feel intensely. In December the days are short and the nights long, so there is plenty of time to chat, which, little by little, the idea was transformed into a dream: to create an “author” company to rent motorcycles for travel with the new Africa Twin, in Barcelona. Overall, I returned sweetly poisoned from Morocco with a dream that was struggling to be a project.

To make matters worse, other friends were convincing me that it was not crazy. They saw it as viable, chatting we always came to the Africa Twin is a magnificent motorcycle to travel and that Barcelona is an excellent base for a company of this style. And I, who am very unwise, put myself to work to shape this company: a personal project but not solitary. I wanted to create more accompanied. The company Pautravelmoto Barcelona SL was born.

It turns out that it was crazy, but now it is madness come true; a dream that is a dream company, because every person who rents a motorcycle is looking for his dream trip.

Can there be something more intense than creating a company to make the dreams of people all over the planet come true?