We spent months with the business plan up and down explaining that we are creating a company to rent motorcycles for travel, but the truth is that until now I felt like a smoke salesman explaining something intangible: you already know that paper holds everything . Or almost.

That’s why the arrival of motorcycles has been a reality knock. Oysters, it was not smoke; they were not just ideas; no fantasies … The bikes are real, tangible, they can be touched. The first three bikes: two beautiful Africa Twin and that amazing CB500X that makes me more and more excited. An Africa Twin is tricolor with the DCT automatic change system. The other Africa Twin is red with the traditional change.

A little over a year ago I chose my own Africa Twin in the classic tricolor Honda, rejecting the red one they offered me. I waited a month. Today I increasingly like red, intense. I do not know what color I would choose now if I bought one for private use. For pautravelmoto Barcelona we will combine the tricolor (those golden rims are so beautiful) with the red ones.

In short, the bikes are here, warning that this is really happening and that there is no turning back. Now it’s time to equip them with suitcases, connections and protection bars. Then they will be bikes ready for trips and adventures, and each one will write their own history of drivers and destinations.

Very soon the first rentals will arrive. We’ll have to get used to seeing them go. It will be another milestone on the road from dream to reality.

Geez, how beautiful are our bikes. What a desire to make them shoot. Soon.