Pautravelmoto local

The year of the pandemic

Of a 2020 that we will remember without a doubt as the year of the pandemic, which has left us a lot of lessons and lessons; We go to 2021 full of uncertainties and challenges, always without losing hope.

Perfect storm

In 2020 we have experienced something similar to a perfect storm in PauTravelMoto, with the disappearance of international tourism since March and the end of the year blow to the local client with the municipal and regional mobility restrictions. The result has been a sharp drop in turnover, to less than half that of the previous year. However, at all times we have faced this difficult year with determination to continue working on the long-term vision of the company, taking advantage to advance in the development of solid foundations for the coming years.

BMW motorcycles

An important milestone has been the incorporation of BMW motorcycles into our fleet, thanks to the agreement with TravelBike, which has placed us on a different plane by going on to offer a wide range of quality motorcycles, bringing us closer to an audience that until now we had not agreed.

New local Diputació 18

The move to the new Diputació 18 location represents a quantum leap for PauTravelMoto, going to work in an iconic, representative and more comfortable location, since until now we made a large part of the deliveries and collections on the street. In addition, the alliance with Albert allows us to have a workshop within the premises, while maintaining a monthly cost level similar to that of the previous premises.

On-line reservation software

An issue that we had on the agenda for a long time and that we have finally tackled this year is having an online reservation software so that customers can make their reservations directly from the web. We continue working on it, since it is a process of permanent improvement.

Complicated financial situation

This third year of activity of the company had the objective of getting closer to the point of financial equilibrium; but of course we have had significant economic losses. Fortunately, in 2019 we had strengthened ourselves with a capital increase and we had a reasonable starting financial position. Although we have not had any type of non-refundable aid, during the year we have taken advantage of the ICO financing alternatives that have been activated for the pandemic, to maintain liquidity at all times.

Short lights and short term management

Tired and stressed, but proud of the work we have done, we reach 2021 in which we all hope that it will represent a significant change from what we have experienced. However, I am realistic and I know that there will be no miracles, so it will be a complicated year again in which it will have to go with “low lights” managing with great attention critical short-term decisions: fleet decisions, attention customer, liquidity and financial solvency, adaptation of premises, alliances and collaborations, etc.

Manifesto on the situation of Mototourism

At the beginning of 2021, a few relevant companies in the sector are promoting a manifesto about the complicated situation we are experiencing. Despite not having excessive hopes about the impact it may have, it is generating a positive dynamic in the sector that we practically did not know before.

Recovery of the local and foreign client

In 2021 we hope to progressively recover the motorcycle rental activity to local and foreign customers, adapting the motorcycle fleet at the same time so that it grows in the most adjusted way possible. Together with the Honda that form the core of our motorcycles, we hope to incorporate the first “ours” BMW motorcycles during this year and develop the incipient alliance with Yamaha.

The house of the motorcycle trip

In 2021 we want to take advantage of the potential of the new location to gain visibility, carry out complementary activities and advance in being perceived as the home of the motorcycle trip in Barcelona, ​​positioning ourselves as the reference place to rent a motorcycle in the city.

Time for digital marketing

In 2021 we must clearly improve in the application of the strategies defined in digital marketing, where we have many topics and areas in which to work to be efficient: web, social networks, SEM, Ebooks, etc.

Financial diversification

In 2021 we have the objective of improving the solidity and financial diversification of the company, reinforcing its own resources, as well as the loans from individuals guaranteed with the purchased motorcycles.

Challenges and opportunities

In short, a 2021 full of challenges and opportunities that we are going to take advantage of while maintaining the PauTravelMoto vision in the long term. 2021 will surely be a difficult year, so we have to continue preparing for the worst, while we wait for the best to happen.