On September 20 we celebrated the birth of PauTravelMoto as it could not be otherwise: talking about motorcycle trips. At the meeting we were accompanied by 6 friends, who shared with us their most recent and interesting experiences on two wheels. Today we want you to know their stories a little more.

2 of route

Quique and Ángeles traveled this summer to Cabo Norte on their CB500X that, with only motoviajes 2017 2deruta trip moto2 añitos, accumulates 50,000kms of experiences. It was an unforgettable 2-week trip to reach what is symbolically the northernmost point of Europe. During their talk they told us that the CB500X, far from what you might think of a motorcycle of this displacement, is more than enough for a trip of such magnitude, being able to travel with comfort our two friends and their suitcases. The CB500X is a very reliable motorcycle (Honda seal), soft and thin, which made this trip a delight in terms of driving and comfort. Quique and Ángeles would not change the bike if they had to repeat the trip, so what are you waiting for to start your adventure with a CB500X?

You can see the videos summarizing your route to Cabo Norte in the youtube channel of 2deruta.

Óscar Pérez de Lara

motoviajes 2017 oscarSince 5 years ago, every summer Óscar and Laia make a great motorcycle trip during the summer. They have visited Morocco 3 times and have gone through 15 different European countries with their BMW GS800. This year they went on a trip of almost 20 days through the Alps, Austria and Slovenia. Up there, nothing different from the trips of many of us. However, “the scriptwriter” (as Charly Sinewan would say) wanted to put excitement to his trip, which ended up doing in 2 different bikes, van included. What would you do if you broke the engine on the third day of such a long trip? They had it clear, through the insurance they managed to rent a van, they put the poor BMW inside and they returned from Switzerland to Barcelona. Once at home they quickly changed motorbikes (significantly reducing luggage) and prepared to return to Switzerland on their Honda NC700S. A rough trip, but with a happy ending, and now Óscar and Laia know the most beautiful roads and also the fastest to go (and return) from Switzerland.

Manuel Quero

motoviajes 2017 manuel
Our friend Manuel was lucky enough to make a trip from Ace Cafe to Ace Cafe, accompanied by the comrades of Motosx1000. Specifically, he traveled from Ace Cafe de Barcelona to Ace Cafe de Luzern, in Switzerland. Manuel found many similarities in the good motoring atmosphere that is breathed in both Ace Cafe, and stressed that it is the most international route and that the roads are totally dreamy.

Olga Ferro

motoviajes 2017 olgaThis year, Olga decided to cross Spain to the other side, to Galicia. It would have been a normal trip if it were not because Galician friends and bikers were joining the route, teaching him the best roads in each area and guiding him through his native land. Olga told us that it was through a forum where she contacted her acquaintances in the area and, explaining that she was going to travel there, they without hesitation offered to guide her and accompany her. If the biker family is the best.

Toni Trotacaminos

motoviajes 2017 Tonia Toni shoots her south. It will be in one of his many trips through southern Spain when he was giving shape to the idea of ​​traveling the entire N340. From Barcelona to Puerto Real, it is the longest highway in Spain, a road with “thousand skins”, which is a historic bridge between the north and the south of Spain, a road with its own life, with towns, places, gas stations that have born and died, roadside hostels that have survived and others that has killed the fast roads … Toni was looking for the layout of the original road, which in some sections was quite hidden, crossing villages around which now lie abandoned hotels and restaurants , vestiges of another era in which the road took more tourism and fewer trucks to the area.

Vitin World Tour

Vitin is addicted to motorcycle travel: when Vitin goes to the corner to buy tobacco, he crosses Europe. A few months ago, the route took him to Russia, where it became clear that, despite being a traveling expert, he is not an unstoppable guy. Crossing some sandbanks, increasingly animated, he passed with gas in one of them and ended up on the ground. On the ground and with some broken ribs (although that did not know until he arrived in Spain). As a veteran traveler, he had a locator and was insured, so the process of “rescue” and repatriation was relatively simple. However, Vitin saw a van of a children’s volleyball team pass by and, thanks to the kindness of the young team, he and his motorcycle were able to reach the city more quickly, where they hospitalized him a few days before returning to Spain.