Rental of accessories

Make your trip more comfortable and safe by renting our accessories


We have a series of rental accessories to make your motorcycle trip easier and safer. Our accessories are neat and in good condition. We clean and renew them frequently so that you find them ready for use.

If you have your own travel accessories, you can bring them and we will help you install them on the motorcycle.

Although we do not have personal rental equipment (jackets, gloves …) we have some units on the premises to lend them to you.

Chaleco airbag para moto con reflectante

Airobag Airbag Vest

At Pautravelmoto we are committed to safety, which is why we are the first company to incorporate rental airbag vests.

We have Airobag brand vests for rent that protect the torso, vital organs and the cervical area. An airbag burst, if you want to test it, is included in the rental price.

Our vest adapts very well to the body, so it will allow you to be fully protected without oppressing your movements, so you can enjoy your trip with maximum safety.

Available in sizes XL and XXL.

Modular helmet

The modular helmet is the most comfortable option for motorcycle trips.
It has a clear screen, resistant to scratches, and has a sun visor.

The ventilation system has air inlets on the top and chin guard, and extractors on the back.

The helmets are cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Manual roadbook holder

Events with roadbooks are becoming more and more frequent, as is the possibility of purchasing a route meter to take interesting routes.

The manual roadbook holder is a good option to get started in the passionate world of motorcycle orientation with a route meter.

Its assembly on the motorcycle is very simple, as it is installed on the RAM ball that all our motorcycles have, and it is operated with the left hand.


Shad waterproof saddlebags

Shad waterproof saddlebags are a good resource for carrying travel luggage without using hard cases.

This is necessary on mixed trips, unpaved roads and routes, or on motorcycles that cannot carry suitcases like the CB1100EX.

Included in the rental price.

Mobile phone holder

It is increasingly common to use our mobile phone as GPS. Google Maps has become one of the most updated and efficient GPS that exists.

The mobile phone holder is a generic holder for most phone models. It has the advantage of being very convenient to quickly put on and take off the phone. Additionally, since our motorcycles have USB power, it can be used to charge the phone while using it as a GPS.

The support has a rubber that provides extra security in holding the phone.

Included in the rental price.