We present you with a gift idea for Valentine’s Day. It is now less for February 14, a date marked by fire in the hearts of couples. If you celebrate, it is that you are still in love. But, it is not always easy to surprise your partner, right? Why not give a weekend rental on a motorcycle?

regalo idea san valentin

Who can be a good Valentine’s gift idea for?
Does your partner have a small displacement motorcycle but he always tells you that he would like to take a motorcycle trip? because with the gift voucher you will not fail, we assure you !. If your partner looks at other mounts, you will also get the gift of the weekend rental since we have 10 different models for rent. Trail bikes, custom bikes, large-capacity scooter, … we sure have something appropriate for your partner

Fully equipped bikes
Our bikes come fully equipped to enjoy a smooth travel experience. The 3 suitcases (2 sides and trunk) of great capacity allow you to take everything you need for a trip

And … the route?
Barcelona is a privileged city to travel by motorbike. In just over an hour you can be in the Pyrenees where getting lost on its roads is a real pleasure. If you decide to visit Andorra, we can help you prepare a route of 2 or 3 days that will not leave you indifferent. And if you think this will know little, there are more options, ask us and we advise you. Our passion is to travel by motorbike and we have been in this for years, we know many roads and interesting areas to ride a motorcycle. Do not hesitate to have our experience.

We can assure you that this is a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day